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As you can guess, I'm a new member, just wanted to introduce myself and have at least one post in the forums introducing myself before I start bugging everybody... I started watching TAS's around 2015, maybe 2016, when one of them got caught up in a search for real-time most people, when I first started seeing them, I thought that the person doing the run was cheating(embarrassing); doing stuff that wasn't even remotely possible! When I did some actual research though, and discovered what went into them, I realized that not only was I incorrect, but later on, that a TAS run is arguably harder than a real-time one! After watching, downloading and absolutely fawning over them, I quickly wanted to learn how to make my own, which is why I'm here! I downloaded BizHawk last month, and watched some tutorials. Although the more advanced stuff like RamSearch and Lua Consoles are REALLY intimidating, I've at least learned the basic functions of making and recording a TAS, doing a handful of Sonic games to start off simple. My ultimate goal is to become proficient in doing some Dreamcast and Wii games, and learning how to do those well. Not really looking to break any records, but definitely hoping to upload some playarounds and other silly stuff. I hope to have fun here, thanks for reading!!
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Hi and welcome to TASvideos! Have no surprise nobody has responded to you so far. Our community doesn't raise that much, even though it's quite old. The site is used mainly for archiving useful information. You can describe here you researches, so maybe you or another person, who's willing to make a TAS on this or that game, may find it useful. Don't expect anybody to assist you here, unless you're TASing some bestseller game, like Sonic, Mario or Zelda. If you want help with emulators, visit TASVideos' Discord channel. If you want help with the game, visit Discord channel dedicated to speedrunning this game (game series). Most game pages on include respective Discord channels. Wii and Gamecube games can be TASed using Dolphin. Each game should be tested before digging into serious TASing in order to submit it here. One of the main problems is that games go out of sync resulting in effort losses. redream, the Dreamcast emulator, doesn't have TAS tools. Who knows, when they will be implemented. It's possible to launch it in Linux through libTAS, but it certainly requires testing whether it's even possible to playback the actual game footage, without any TAS for now. Good luck!
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Morpheus414 wrote:
Although the more advanced stuff like RamSearch and Lua Consoles are REALLY intimidating
Don't worry, just keep TASing without them until you start actually needing to look at the RAM values, at that point it will be natural to know what you're searching for in the RAM. I suggest looking into Lua scripting after that.
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Greetings! I'm also a beginner here. Hope you can enjoy your journey in the world of TAS!