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This is the first ever TAS I submitted in the submissions page, this is a TAS of the 2019 version of Sonic The Hackable from the Sonic Hacking Contest 2019.

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: A quick YouTube search turned up a run nearly 4 minutes faster than this.
Studying the input of this run more closely, I see a strange, several frame delay at the beginning of Green Hill Zone 1, and then suboptimal air dashing inputs all throughout (they can be done on consecutive frames using different inputs, similar to charging a spindash). Sonic TASing is never a cut-and-dry thing. There's always one or two or 645000 extra layers to the movement, as shown in ShiroParadox's upload.
As a general rule, always search for existing TASes before starting new ones. I've always made it a point to say that TASing at its core is simply patience and Google - This is the Google part! You can learn a lot about TASing a game or even a ROM hack just from looking up the information ahead of time, finding old runs and studying them to make them even better with current knowledge. Sonic in particular has always had an active TAS community floating around YouTube at least, there might be a Discord server somewhere for more active conversations and feedback, but at the very least there's always going to be new TASes for these games and their hacks.
This isn't necessarily a bad start, though it's clear there's still a long way to go for it. Keep at it!

Samsara: On a much more serious note, I've removed the encode link, which was actually a Google Drive link. It requires people to request access to view it, which means I can't verify whether or not your Drive is actually safe. Given your history of posting ROM links in Userfiles, which is strictly against site rules as it could get us into legitimate legal trouble, it's way safer to just remove the link. I've also removed it from your other submission. Either upload these videos to YouTube, or simply ask for one of our users to make a temporary encode. Any further attempt to post links to your Drive may result in action being taken against your account, unless it is strictly proven free of ROMs, ROM site links and mentions, and if it is freely accessible instead of requiring viewers to request access. I wouldn't normally be this harsh, but this is quite literally the most important rule we have, so it needs to be taken as seriously as possible.

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Please make the video viewable.
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