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Anyone keen on this for FinalBurn Alpha? Its def harder than the genesis version and would be pretty entertaining (but for the autoscoll parts in level 3 but im sure you could so some outrageous flaunting of the collision detection there anyway) I might have a go, but im shithouse and i've got nary the free time...
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There's already a video of this game.. It's in Shinobi's page. Here's a link: But it's not played with savestates.. I think
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Mazzeneko you're right, Ben Shinobi does not use savestates, especially since at least half of his runs were done on the original console/arcade board. Shinobi is clearly very skilled, but his runs are either high score or one-life replays, which can get boring depending on the game. I suggest watching his Shinobi, Ghouls and Ghosts, Metal Slug (not X, because that was done on an easier difficulty than the arcade version), and his shooter stuff seems good too.
Post subject: Ghouls’n Ghosts(CPS1 World)
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This is my first tas on FBA.Ghouls’n Ghosts is very hard,But emulator can help me do better. *Tims is 6:35 *FBA0.24.94.98 *Genre:ACT *Aims for fastest time *Takes damage to save time *Manipulates luck *only one round(before seeing the last BOSS,we should finish two round) emulator file Video online(sorry I can't connect youtube) Ghouls’n Ghosts in Gens is almost same as that in FBA.Ferret Warlord did nice in Gens.So I only share my work,please enjoy it :) Ghouls’n Ghosts in FBA is a little different from other ROM.It need some check.So we must have got another file besides recording file.It is FBA0.roms.dat(in Zip),please put it in \config\FBA0.roms.dat Edit 2009.4.12
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