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This is the warps run for the original Super Mario World but with only activating the Yellow Switch Palace

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: This could easily be beaten in real time. Rejecting.

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116 rerecords for SMW ?
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Link to video 720p60 encode. Seems more like a unoptimized RTA run than a TAS. 116 rerecords definitely imply that. I know this is your first attempts at a TAS but reverse these kinds of things for userfiles if you're not aware of their existence. Submissions are for fully optimized TASes
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Looking at the inputs in TAStudio, it's pretty evident to me that this run was made with real time inputs, as the author was mashing the button on the main hub. The movement in the levels feel a bit more like there was rewind involved, and the tools available in BizHawk were not used. There's even a moment in the yellow switch room where Mario never starts running at maximum speed, which loses a significant amount of time, and makes me wonder if this was the case for other levels as well. Below is a 320 frame improvement up to the save box to showcase how much faster this run can be: I don't have much to say about the category in question, since the amount of suboptimal movement here is a bigger concern. I would highly encourage the Author to learn some of the tools avaliable in bizhawk, the8bitbeast has some great tutorial videos that explain how to use the tools that I think will be really helpful.
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Even without proper tools, I managed to save about 1 minute and 15 seconds over this: User movie #638099047144434972 With proper tools, I think the limit would be about 11 minutes.
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om, nom, nom... sweet!