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I made this TAS because there was no public TAS of this version of Sonic 2 Delta. idk about that though. I also made this TAS because I wanted to make a TAS of a complete game. This will be the last movie I will submit if this movie gets rejected, I don't care if this gets rejected too.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #8014: Sonic123TTSLives's Genesis Sonic 2 Delta "any%" in 39:29.38
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I made this TAS because there was no public TAS of this version of Sonic 2 Delta.
Just because there isn't a public version of the current version doesn't mean you're not comparable to a beta version. Once again I stumbled on a run by Shiro Paradox which completes many levels faster than what you've showcased. Which once again I won't be linking due to piracy. Their entire Winter HIll Zone is faster than what you showcased for instance.
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For future runs please take your time and use the tools available to you in Gens and use the userfiles. Go again when you've optimized all you can, and when the RomHack isn't incomplete as said so by the creator.
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+fsvgm777 never censoring anything.
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if you want to submit a tas, make sure it looks optimal.
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When making any TAS it's always worth taking a fair amount of time and research to see if someone already has already got information and tech for your game. Sonic related content is generally popular enough that more likely than not you can find someone who's posted either RTA or TAS runs of a given Sonic hack. Finding those means you now have benchmarks that you can meet or beat, and even ask for help if you can't figure out how to match their times.
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"This will be the last movie I will submit if this movie gets rejected,..." If this TAS is rejected, there is a good reason, but that should not discourage you from producing others.
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Temp encode: Link to video Some levels are unoptimized.Well,this run is a human real time speed,rushing to finish the game as fast as possible.Voted No for poor optimization
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Embarrassingly, I misclicked and chose the wrong vote option. I suppose it's stuck now. I enjoyed seeing the romhack, but this just doesn't look like a TASvideos run. I'm sure people will enjoy watching on youtube and so forth, but in the context of tasvideos -- it's not just a case of suboptimal movement - there are places where you're getting hit needlessly, or slowed down by unfortunately timed obstacles that could have been rerecorded and fixed - I find it confusing that those were left in and still submitted. I felt like that got more common further into the run - I wonder if you lost patience with it and wanted to finish it sooner. It could really be worth going over it again!
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Voted no for the threatening-style comment about rejection. Very immature. 350 re-records over 30 minutes says all it needs to. I am sitting at 20,000 for 3 minutes.
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