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What's a Scooby-Doo?

Scooby-Doo is an American media franchise based on an animated television series launched in 1969 and continued through several derivative media.

Who's a Scooby-Doo?

A talking dog made to be the main attraction of the TV show.

When's a Scooby-Doo?

After I finish this double triple decker sardine and marshmallow fudge sandwich. Open the mouth, between the gums, look out stomach, here it comes! ... Well at least you left me the olive! With him around, I can't even get a bite in edgewise.

Why's a Scooby-Doo?

there is no why, it just ... is!

Where's a Scooby-Doo?

Hold on, fetching Scooby Snacks...

How's a Scooby-Doo?

Everybody always asks where Scooby-Doo is, and not How is Scooby-Doo

Game Plot:

The game opens with Scooby-Doo and the gang visiting Fred's cousin Jed at his special effects movie studio and factory Monstrous Fright and Magic or M.F.M. Still, once they get there, Jed is missing, and his animatronics have gone haywire. They find M.F.M. CEO Winslow Stanton and his assistant Marcy, who inform them Jed is responsible for sabotaging M.F.M. and has stolen not only some expensive animatronics but also an ample supply of Mubber (a special compound used to make animatronics into life-like special effects monsters). Scooby and the gang thus take it upon themselves to track down Jed and recover the stolen items.

Time Comparison:

  • RTA = 1:28:48 (Starts from "New Game" Selection)
  • TAS = 59:30.57 (Starts from Boot-up)
  • (29 minutes & 18 seconds faster than RTA)

Full RTA Video for Comparison:

About this run:

If you like Crash-Bandicoot style gameplay (Slide/Spinning) this is the run for you!

Movie Goals

  • Bizhawk 2.8.0(mGBA)
  • Goes for Fastest Completion
  • Contains Speed/Entertainment trade-offs (Invisible Scooby) (Roller Coaster tilting either to Scooby saying his name or jumping at the last second) (taking damage on purpose with only one unit of health left)
  • Takes Damage to Save Time
  • Takes Damage Anyway for fun
  • Heavy Glitch Abuse
  • Manipulates Boss RNG (Guitar Ghoul's Lightning Bolt)
  • Dog
  • Genre: Action/Adventure

Main Controls

  • A = Jump
  • B = Spin/Archer Plunger
  • U = Up (for menus)
  • D = Down (for sliding with B and menus)
  • L = Left
  • R = Right
  • D+B = Down & B = Slide
  • Shoulder R = Costume Swap
  • Shoulder L = Look around with Camera (Not used)

Extra Controls

  • A+A = Double Jump (for gliding or tall ledges) *jump must be certain frames you'll need to activate and reach the height of the ledge in question*
  • B->B = Multiple Spins or Weaponry uses

Costume Slide Cancels

Costume Slide Cancels are when Scooby is in a sliding state by gliding across the ground for a certain period of time. Normally the game prevents you from sliding again as, at the end of a sliding state, the animation of Scooby getting up has a lot of end lag. In order to prevent the end lag of the sliding state, Scooby must have another Costume in the inventory to switch to. Switching to the other costume will cancel the end lag state. By switching I can switch back to normal Scooby and continue sliding as long as there is enough room to navigate around. This trick is used if there is a long stretch of ground without enemies or pits.

The Spin

The spin can be performed from a grounded state or from jumping mid-air. This move is used to break boxes or to jump on top of a higher ledge. This move can also be used as a height advantage when combined with other moves.

The Slide

The slide is a powerful tool in Scooby-Doo’s toolbox and gives this run life. Unlike its crash bandicoot counterpart Scooby-Doo unfortunately cannot slide infinitely in his normal form. Scooby-Doo can maintain his slide if the toolbox has another costume available.

Maintaining Speed

The costumes have different playstyles and uses; however, the main focus of this run is to maintain Scooby-Doo’s sliding state. Since Scooby can’t slide without a costume however, he can slide into a costume and slide out of a costume to maintain not only the speed gained from sliding but from changing the states of Scooby’s actions and costume.

Obtaining Costumes

To obtain the costumes I must first collect the main "currency" called Mubber. When I've collected just enough, I'll be able to transfer the collected Mubber in the costume deposit. This costume deposit grants Scooby with 3 different costumes, and only the main two are available early on whereas later I'll be able to use the third costume. Scooby doesn't have these costumes right off, so sliding is out of the question completely until there is at least 1 OR 2 costumes in the inventory to swap too momentarily. Once Scooby has something to swap to, Scooby can slide without being slowed down from his end lag in normal form.


The costumes can differ from level to level, and some are more beneficial than others at any given time. For instance, there are 3 different costumes that can be used for different actions.
  • The bat-like costume which will let Scooby-Doo glide over large areas traveling through the air.
  • The karate-like costume which will let Scooby-Doo break special marked boxes or special marked boards labeled with the Yin/Yang symbol. The karate costume can also defeat enemies big or small in one hit, so most of this costume's usage is based around defeating enemies who’s in the way.
  • The archer is another one of Scooby-Doo’s costumes, while it isn’t used until way later, this costume can provide platform-like plungers that will stick to the walls so that with an area with a wall Scooby will be able to maneuver up and over.

Clue Pan Skip

Clue Pan Skip is when the camera will automatically pan across the room to show the player where the clue is located, this will waste time automatically and is slower. The way this is prevented is by using a Costume on the frame the camera will move to the clue, switch back to normal Scooby or costume and it will pan back to Scooby skipping the camera pan entirely.

Rollercoaster/Boss Quit Outs

Levels will finish once the player successfully either completes a rollercoaster level or a boss level. The way I am able to skip seeing the victory animation is by pressing start on the first frame of the victory music activating and quitting to the hub area. This saves a lot of time, as it gets rid of watching the victory dance/staring into your soul Scooby will do on bosses and rollercoasters.

Clue Quit Outs

By collecting the required number of clues not on a rescue mission, I am able to quit out and back to the main hub, this skip having to complete the rest of the level overall.

Chinatown Hand Skip

The hand skip happens in Chinatown right near the end of the level. This skip having to complete the rest of the section by going all the way left and then all the way right. I found this by accident, and I'm glad I did. The way this happens is to catch the last possible height adjustment that the spinner will give off. By catching the hand right at its barely possible height Scooby can barely reach and skip the last section skipping the hand on the far left and its other spinner.

Haunted House Table Skip

While it's really a "skip", it skips having to bring the karate metal box to the far-right side. I can reach the table by standing on the provided wooden box, which happens to be just enough distance to and from the table.

The Bosses:

  • Zen Tuo:
The first boss has a dragon-like creature that will fly around the level. The main objective is to try and catch him as the dragon fly from left to right and right to left. Some of the boss's active hitboxes are on the bottom to slight front, so aiming for its belly and its head is the correct spot.
  • Guitar Ghoul:
The biggest run killer in a regular RTA run. This boss is completely RNG on what happens next. The outcome will either be spiders or lightning raining from above. Luckily, I’ve manipulated the boss pattern in such a way that will make it so the lighting from the guitar will never happen and just the actual spiders which will deplete damage.
  • Caveman:
The Caveman has a hitbox near his legs so sliding into him the first couple of times ends up being the reasonable response. I’ll intentionally take damage from the club being swung in order to keep up the hit streak.
  • Final Boss:
This boss has the archer costume available and is needed to take this boss down. Each hit from the plunger to the eyes makes it so the available beak that the final boss has can be damaged. I’ll stand in the path of its fire-like attack, and I’ll attack when the game decides I can.

Common General Q & A

  • Q. Why don't you collect more Scooby Snacks?
  • A. Don't have to, and it doesn't speed me up or slow me down, if it's there it's there.

  • Q. This game looks good, do you like this game?
  • A. Yes!

  • Q. Do I like this game?
  • A. Uhhhh maybe?

  • Q. Why don't you go faster?
  • A. Good one

Sync Settings (mGBA)

  • Skip BIOS = True
  • RTC Use Real Time = True
  • RTC Initial Time = 1/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
  • Save Type = Autodetect
  • RTC = Autodetect
  • Rumble = Autodetect
  • Light Sensor = Autodetect
  • Gyro = Autodetect
  • Tilt = Autodetect
  • GB Player Detection = False

SHA1 & MD5

  • SHA1:6851A6088CCCAFCD8F1E49A31546AAC6B27CA076
  • MD5:803FF345F4DF60A7F00DB44FD25730BC

Possible Improvements:

With any good TAS there is a chance that it so happens to have improvements. If this ends up being the case and I somehow managed to go and miss something, feel free to add yourself as a co-author to this current movie.
(Also yes ignore the spelling mistake on the YT video, I always put the header text of a TAS there for videos, except I made an error on the spelling).

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Accepting.
EZGames69: Processing...(After I take care of 007 Nightfire)

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