4829 frames faster than that cancelled submission by better optimizations throughout the run. This run is done on English but differences between U and J are very minor, resulting U is around 45 frames faster while game mechanics are 100% identical. You can see level-by-level comparison here.

Terminal speeds

Speeds are subpixels/frame. Listing just Diddy because Donkey is always slower except rolling which is tied.


WalkingDashingRollingLedge Boost
Diddy400 (33)656 (45)896 (60)1132 (+236 from max rolling speed)


No EnemiesOneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenNote
Diddy8961088115212161344140814721592You sometimes only get 956 for one enemy and snaps out to 896 next frame. Can gain boost by jumping on same frame as 956 speed.


Only Enguarde is relevant in this run.
Walking/no BDashing/Running
Enguarde384 (10)640 (goes to max ten frames after press B)


  • Preserving momentum
When Diddy moves exceed his rolling speed (can be done by rolling multiple enemies, ledge roll and barrel), jumping resets his speed to dashing speed immediately by holding d-pad and dash button. Letting go off dash preserves the speed much longer. (-20 per a frame)
  • Infinite rolling
Actually, this can't be done normally in 1. To perform this in this game, you need to decelerate kong's speed below 400 at the end of rolling. It's slightly faster than roll -> jump chain.
The run is basically bunch of momentum trick and ledge rolls so nothing to say much. Here are some highlight I thought it's worth to mention.
  • Coral Capers: Switching Diddy before upward swimming because switch kills kong's speed completely. Pressing jump button underwater accelerates the speed to terminal immediately.
  • Very Gnawty's Lair: Delayed hits to minimizing its invincible frames. Same applies to second gnawty fight in Gorilla Glacier, snow world.
  • Necky's Nuts: It can spawn at variety heights by RNG but you won't save/lose time even it spawns at higher position for your final hit. Also, it applies to second Necky fight.
  • Clam City: Water stages are the only places where you can change RNG at your will. I had to sacrifice a frame at the end for the boss I mentioned below.
  • Bumble B Rumble: This place is biggest RNG point because barrel spawns are affected by RNG and more, you can't manipulate at all during fight. 9 barrels are required to finish this off but couldn't get perfect spawns for all. Some throws are improvable but not much.
  • Croctopus Chase: Taking Enguarde is about 30 frames faster than swimming.
  • Rope Bridge Rumble: Taking damage twice cut some waiting for tire platforms. I had to use Donkey for some portion and switch back to Diddy later but still about a second faster than no damage.

Special thanks

  • ScriptHawk devs/contributors: Position, speed and etc addresses are changed whenever new section loads. It auto detects those and switches accordingly. It's greatly helped me.
  • Silent Wolf and DeathKontrol: For giving me feedbacks and pointed out possible improvements I'd missed in making.
  • RetroEdit: For letting me use their RNG display script generously. Boss bee fight won't be as good as current without it for sure.

nymx: Claiming for judging.
nymx: Well, I have had a good time with this run. Sorry for the delay, but there was a number of things that I wanted to look over.
First off, I'm sorry that there wasn't more responses. It deserved a lot more. Second, the timing on this run is very misleading. In fact, it is around 9 minutes faster than the best speedrun that I could find. I realized, after comparing a number of levels, that this work is an excellent effort. At first, I was hoping to see more TAS only tricks, aside from the precision work being performed. Later on, I wasn't disappointed...I started seeing more skips and tricks that humans would probably consider too risky, and thus be a run-killer.
One of the points that made this longer for me to judge is weather this is an any% or warps run. I'm going with any%, which seems to be the norm of the community. Great job on this TAS!
Accepting as an any%.

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This TAS is bananas. Great movie,, super entertaining! Thank you for the notes on rolling speed, I never knew it functioned differently like that between the kongs.Also I forgot how disgusting the palette is in this mobile port eugh.
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