Post subject: Dragon's Lair
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Hmm, havnt seen anything about the very hard game dragons lair here ... anyone up to a speedrun on that? I know I cant do it anyway :D
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I have done this. It´s submitted to Bis. Then time will tell what happens.
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wooooaa!!! cool cool man... been waiting for that game .. as i recall the game was pretty hard to beat ... how long is the run and so on?
Post subject: Dragon's Lair (comparison between versions)
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The US version goes real slow. The Japanese version goes normal speed. The PAL version goes 5/6 speed of the Japanese version. The differences between the PAL version and the NTSC versions, are the enemies, the bosses, and the stage intros.
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This is fairly old news. One point worth making: Quote metroidmaster88 (on my youtube video:
"Well i test out tryi skip last boss with every versions. Its look it working JPN version only. i did it very easily on JPN version, but i cannot make it in NTSC. Look out my vid where i show why its doesnt, work on NTSC. Even boss sometimes disappear you can,t pass it without taking death. Also this not work on PAL because flying enemys never appeared in last level on PAL even i haved some golds."