Post subject: MTPO - Glass Joe
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A couple of years ago on the NES console, I was playing MTPO and got Glass Joe down in 41.99 seconds. The odd part about this is that I have never been able to duplicate it on an emulator, which would give me more advantages to pull that off. Has anyone had anything similar to this happen to them?
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Maybe you played on E version? I don't know what's your location.
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I live in Tennessee, so I assume my game was NTSC.
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Probably some sort of glitch occured, or you saw it incorrectly. One time my score for skeet shooting in track and field was 1 point higher than is possible, which I assumed was some glitch. It read "28,201".
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All of that is legitimately possible, but I know it was 41.99 seconds. I just noticed the record on here is 42.00.
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Maybe it was 41.99 on 2nd round?
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Nah, I remember it was the first round. Could there be a glitch that would cause the time to appear as 41.99?
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I had something similar happen... I beat him to receive a time of 42, but done sloppily, by hand. Im not really sure what caused it to happen, or if there may have been some random event that caused me to be lucky, but im not sure.
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I got 42:00 once as well unassisted but nothing lower, and it was a "bad" fight where he blocked quite a few of my punches.
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omg lol this is so fake!!!1 the nes cant produce music like this!
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Well, the submission mentions that it doesn't use a clock-stop glitch or somesuch... Maybe you accidentally did?