Post subject: Aladdin All Gems
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First, i wasnt sure if i should try this but now that i started, i realized that it is maybe not such a bad idea. The difference in time is not so big and the different ending seems unknown to many so i thought maybe some of yous would like it. Here's my WIP The ROM version is (U) I dont wanna do to much so tell me if you think it is a good idea.
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Honestly, I don't get the point of the all gems deal. This is mainly because I have never owned, nor played, this version of Aladdin. But, the idea entices me, if there is an "Added difficulty" involved... which I assume there is XD I will watch the WIP now. EDIT: Hmm. The one problem I have is that you don't collect the green gems. Why? Are the red guys counted more-specially than the emeralds? Otherwise, looked interesting so far. Thanks for the info, Quietust.
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I very much agree with this post.
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Forget party hats, Christmas tree hats all the way man.
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From what I recall, green gems just give points (and maybe stuff like extra lives every 100), while there are exactly 10 red gems on each level which give a special bonus at the end.
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This is effectively a 100% run, so I don't see why we shouldn't have it. Most games are divided along any% and 100%. This game is no different. Good luck. :)
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IMO, this game is a lot more interesting in a 100% run. I say, go for it.