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  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Emulator used VBA v19.3
The movie is 34 seconds faster than my previous one. Improvements come from detail optimization, boss fight and a few new strategies.
Timesavers: I chose cloud castle as first stage and got axe, the subweapon save me a little time in next stage. Whip when the hero jump up make he jump slightly higher, I use it to save some times. Optimized boss fight in rock castle and plant castle. Used new strategies in some stages. And other movements optimization.

mmbossman: Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.
ShinyDoofy: Will process...

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #2164: zggzdydp's GB Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge in 25:05.70
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I felt improvements were possible, but I wasn't sure what. Never expected 34 seconds worth though! I'll have to watch this later. :)
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edit:8/9 for this game and run.
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I noticed you took damage differently on those stupid spiky platforms. Very nice.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [1250] GB Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge by zggzdydp in 25:05.70
Post subject: error in movie description
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I'm sure this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing, but I don't know where else to do it so please forgive me. The description of this movie contains incorrect information. It says that in this game you play Simon's grandfather Soleiyu. In fact you play Simon's GREAT-grandfather Christopher, on a quest to rescue Christopher's son Soleiyu.
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Hey, sorry for the bump, but I saw this publication got updated recently. There's an error in the submission details... see beavinator's post above. Thanks!
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I would like to see a run of this game in color.
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