Post subject: Lua Scripting in Mupen64
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For the next official release of Mupen64 rerecording, I would like there to be Lua Scripting. I have an idea for a Lua Script for Mario Kart 64. Keeping track of the race time in vs.
Post subject: Re: Lua Scripting in Mupen64
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PikachuMan wrote:
For the next official release of Mupen64 rerecording
I dont think you will be seeing that in a long long time..
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It is possible to do scripting in Mupen64 with L.Spiro's Memory Hacking Software (MHS) available at There is plenty of documentation available to make a script interact with the game and a few users here have learned to do it. Most of us don't know how it works, so you can either learn yourself or be patient and wait for lua scripting in an undetermined amount of time.
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Yes, MHS has these capabilities and all functions are documented in the provided help files. The scripts are syntaxically similar to C programs. MHS can also emulate keyboard and mouse movement, so emulator functions should be easy to do. MHS can also access system memory, which gives you more freedom over LUA.
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don't know how to get it to work. there's a help file it can help me do the search for stuff.
Post subject: lua functions
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is there any documentation? i'm not sure how to hold the control stick at 30, 30 coordinates.
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Yes. I need some help, too. I read the Japanese documentation here. It suggests a function for frame advancing since it's not yet implemented, but when I try it, I get this error message: "attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary". Would really appreciate some help on this one... EDIT: I'm dumb. I didn't realize the functions for each frame advance had to be executed inside the main() function. The emu.framadvance() only works when executed inside the main() function. Problem solved.
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Update: Recently, MKDasher worked on a lag counter for mupen64-lua (only supports 30FPS for now; if you find a way to make it work for 60FPS, don't be afraid to post in this thread). Here is the lua script: See it in action: Like other emulators, whenever you load a previous state, the lag counter reset to whatever value it had on that frame. You need to record/playback a movie for it to work (because mupen). Please give any feedback/bugs report in this thread.
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Lag Counter 60 FPS:
Nahoc wrote:
You need to record/playback a movie for it to work (because mupen).