The purpose of this page is to document all known tricks of the Nintendo DS video games Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent.


Quick walljumping

When the player is in a shooting or slashing animation, he'll return to the wall quicker, allowing you to wall jump again earlier. This will speed up the wall jump process.

To optimize vertical speed release B for one frame when the vertical speed RAM address reaches -960, so that the speed goes like -1152 > -1088 > -1024 > -960 > -896 > 64 > -1152 > repeat.

Attack combos

In the ZX series certain moves can be chained into each other, ignoring (but resetting) invincibility.
Moves that can be combo'd:

Miscellaneous data

Horizontal movement speed

TODO: add other Pseudoroid forms

Vertical movement speed

RAM Watch values

Mega Man ZX

RAM addressDescription
0214FBA4Player invincibility counter
0214FC38Weapon charge 1
021510AABoss Health
0215109CBoss invincibility counter

Mega Man ZX Advent

RAM addressDescription
02169D35X position (2 bytes)
02169D31Y position (2 bytes)
02169CCCX speed (in 256th subpixels per frame) (2 bytes)
02169CD0Y speed (in 256th subpixels per frame) (2 bytes)
02169DA0Weapon charge 1
02169DA1Weapon charge 2
02169E20Biometal Energy Meter
02169DE8E-Crystal Counter (2 bytes)
02169D98Dash length
0216A3A2Boss Health (2 bytes)
0216A394Boss invincibility counter
02178F00Ingame timer (4 bytes)

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