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Move publication youtube videos to the TASVideos channel. Publications/YoutubeUploaders
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This page documents various projects that have been suggested for the site. If you are looking to help, this is a good place to look for ideas.


If you want to help with wiki pages, you will need to be an editor. If you have a project in mind, contact an admin assistant or site admin with details and you will probably be granted editor access.

Various page TODOs

Adopt the orphans

Pages needed

Pages in bad need of improving

"Game Ideas" list

We need a good way of generating such a list. So far all ideas have been impractical or neglected.


Changes to the site technology are handled through GitHub. Open issues can be found here.


The site supports articles in different languages as can be seen at the top of WelcomeToTASVideos. We can always do with more languages, pages, or updates to existing pages.

Cataloging UserFiles

Users with cataloging permissions can set the system and game (often creating new game entries) for users files. See UserFiles/Uncataloged
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