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Guidelines for wiki editors


When editing pages just keep the following rules in mind.


Minor edits

Understandable writing

Editing and commenting

Wiki markup guidelines

Creating new pages

Step by step guide:
  1. Think of the purpose of this site. Does your planned page serve the audience of the site?
  2. Think of a name for your page. The name should contain the essence of the page’s topic. For example, a page for TASVideos site history would be SiteHistory.
    • Don't use characters beyond A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and '/'.
    • The name should be as short as possible (for easy remembering and easy linking). Do not use acronyms (see above).
    • If there is danger of confusion (there are multiple different games by the same name, but you are writing only about one of them, for example), add more words to the name.
  3. Edit an existing page and add a link to that new page. The Textformattingrules explains how to create links. This step is to avoid it becoming a Wiki orphan.
  4. Then click the newly created link, which will take you to the page you wanted to create.
    • GameResources are organized as subpages and linked automatically on their parents. To create such a subpage, just enter the desired URL into the address bar and edit the page. For example for NES Super Mario Bros your URL will be
  5. Click the Edit link on that page.

Movie editing

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Editors will see an small edit button on the bottom right hand side of a movie module. This allows them to access the movie edit page.
Edits the movie description text.
Headers Ability to edit the Player name, Platform, Game name, Game version, Branch name, ROM filename and the "Hacked movie" status. Accessed from the Edit info button.
Ability to edit the movie categories (such as "Heavy Glitch Abuse"). Clicking "edit classes" brings up a list of available Tags.
When editing movie tags, follow the MovieTagGuidelines.

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