This page discusses things one should know when publishing and subsequently filling out the publication page for TASVideos. It is designed to guide a publisher though the publication process and minimize errors.
For information on the requirements for the position, consult Roles.
This section walks a publisher through the publication form as well as additional steps that need to be taken to publish a movie.

Game header information

Game version

Use USA, JPN, or Europe for their respective regions. Use JPN/USA for multi-region releases. For worldwide releases ("JUE" or "W"), use "Any". ROM version and revision ("v1.1", "PRG0") identifiers should be added if necessary.

Game name

Branch name

General notes


The point of branches is to highlight specific goals that runs may conform to. These goals are highlighted, because they introduce gameplay differences into TASes that are significant enough to be published as separate branches. Two kinds of goals exist:
We don't have a concept of "default goal", therefore we don't use labels like "any%" as a branch label. Instead we identify what is unique in every branch or set of branches, something that the other branches of the same game don't represent.
There are cases where some branch is unique in not setting any unique conditions. There is nothing special to put in its label, since it explicitly avoids external goals, and the game doesn't have any internal conditions. We refer to such runs as the trunk and leave their labels blank. Remember that this is not related to "any%" or "default goal", because these things are complicated, relative, and not always clear. Also note how "trunk" and "branches" are metaphors for a concept in the real world: they describe a tree. We try to structure runs of the same game in a similar manner.
When there is only one branch, it might still need a label by the above guidelines.

Percentage and counts in labels

If the game has a built-in definition which best describes a run, then use it where it makes sense to do so. For example, the Metroid series displays an item collection percentage upon game completion, use "0%" or "100%" to describe a branch as depicted in-game.
If the game does not have a built-in definition, or the built-in definitions aren't necessarily used, for example a Metroid run which aims to visit the entire map, pick a concise description which best describes the goal, for example "100% map".
When counting some units instead of percents, apply similar logic.

Major skip glitch labels

If the glitch used belongs to a common glitch type (save glitch, game end glitch, warp glitch, demo glitch), put both the type and the word "glitch" in the label.
If the glitch used or avoided doesn't belong to any common type, but has a common special name, such as Backwards Long Jump in Super Mario 64, put just its name in the branch label.
If it has no common name and doesn't belong to a common glitch type, invent a new descriptive and accurate type for it. Consult with community members and staff as mentioned above.

ROM name

Use Games as a reference of previous spelling & naming conventions.



Various extra flags:

Game select

Select the game this publication is for. If the entry doesn't exist yet, leave (Default) here. That way the new entry will be created automatically.

Author information

General rules on the entries


Input file

Verification movie

Attaching a screenshot

MKV/MP4 files

This site was born from of the need to provide good-quality multimedia files of TAS movies. We take quality very seriously, and strive to produce files that are both pleasant to watch and are as small as possible. This is one of the guidelines we follow in the publications; the EncoderGuidelines tells more and is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to make MKV/MP4 files to be published on this site.

Adding mirror and streaming URLs

For publication purposes, a mirror of the downloadable encode and a streaming media must both be present - this makes it easy for our viewers to obtain and/or view the video.
Note: When creating an collection, avoid using quotes in the entry name.

Description and movie categories

Select the movie that will be obsoleted


Movie description

Additional steps

Ensure availability of new videos

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