The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks of Kirby's Dream Land 2 for (Super) Game Boy.

Movement & General Tricks


Kirby moves at different speeds depending which direction he's going. Leftward speed is 563 and rightward speed is 295 and 307 alternately.

Preserving X-Speed

Having Kirby spit out or headbonk will let him keep his speed. When going right, this should be done at X-speed 307.

Moving Downhill

Moving downhill lets you move faster. Jumping from a slope while spitting out can help preserve much speed.

Exit Boss Stages

You can exit a boss stage anytime even if it's the first visit. After beating a boss and exiting, you will be able to re-enter it to play the bonus stage, without the need to wait on an overworld transition. This trick saves about 5 seconds per application compared to riding the Warp Star and going back.

Fast Drop Into Water

You can maintain fast downward speed by releasing Stone ability right before entering water.


Diagonal Coo Clip

You can clip into slopes that transition into floors. In order to do this, you need Coo and to be fat Kirby.
Position yourself slightly above the slope and press "A" to boost diagonally into the slope.

This trick was discovered by Phở in 2010 (Forum post).
Only in 2015, when the clip happened to bbqsauz (Video), the clip was figured out and reproduced by Mugg. However, the trick was already shown on nicovideo in September 2013, independently.

Horizontal Coo Clip

In 5-3, you can clip into a wall due to the way the platform is aligned next to the wall tiles. Useless for TAS.
This was found by was0x.

Memory addresses


A00DX-Sub Speed
A00FY-Sub Speed
A003X-Sub Position
A006Y-Sub Position
A085Boss HP


[/Forum/Topics/5253&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=60|Forum topic]
100% TAS by was0x in 43:14.97
any% RTA by bbqsauz in 39:46

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