This page attempts to document certain aspects of the Nintendo GameCube game, "Kirby Air Ride".

Air Ride

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City Trail

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Top Ride

Glitches and Tricks

Duping Items

When an item spawns, it appears in the air. If it is grabbed before it reaches the ground, it will "blink" briefly before disappearing. If 2+ players grab the item at the same frame before it hits the ground , both players will recieve the item. This not only counts as grabbing 2+ items by the game, but can also lead to unlikely events occuring at the same time, like having multiple Krackos on the screen at once.

Dissappearing items

If you spin on the frame just as you've grabbed an item, it'll not only disappear, but the game would not count it as "grabbed". This is useful only if there's an undesireable item in the way and you want it gone.


Boosting for 1 IV every once in a while is faster than moving without boosting. To check when to boost, Kirby's address for spped must be located. There are two speed addresses in Top Ride; a vertical and horizontal speed address which change locations when you go to another course.

4 player benefits

There are benefits for using 4 players at once. These include:
  1. Duping items
  2. 100 lap achievements reduce to 25 laps/player
  3. More chance for luck manipulation

First Lap

While getting the fastest time possible is important in Free Run, most achievements can be obtained in a single lap. This means while the latter laps will be faster, the time of the first lap is more improtant in a speedrun. The following table lists the fastest time to complete the first lap in Free Run.

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