This pages gives all the tricks and RAM Address of Rayman 3
OffsetNameValue Type
0x00bf0cd4Speed (X)Float (you need to use pythagora with X & Z to get the correct speed)
0x00bf0cd8Speed (Z)Float
0x0078c36cFacing2 Bytes Float Big Endian
0x00259564Z Pointer Float
0x0056D648Powerup durationFloat
0x00bf0da0Y PositionFloat
0x00bf0d98Z (or X ?) PositionFloat
0x00bf0d9cX (or Z ?) PositionFloat

Superjumping glitch

This glitch has been found by PewableShift.

(Link to video)
You need to: 1. Strafe 2. Get into a end of corner then you need to have the First person mode when you falling. It will not works on every corner. That glitch is caused by Rayman can get into some corner then transform his X speed into Y speed.
Most of the superjumps spots were found by PewableShift. Congrats dude!

Glidewalking glitch

This glitch has been found by Got4n (pokgot4n) first before Lightweightrunner on July, 24th 2013 To this glitch you need to do the same manipulation of Superjump instead of when the camera is shown you have some frames window to hold A to make Rayman helicopter lags.


Only useful in Land of Livid Dead. This glitch was found by Dildo Potter, and the spot where is useful has been found by PewableShift Turn in camera mode when falling in water.

(Link to video)

Rolling superjump

This glitch has been found by Andzura, and depends of pig, sometimes it is TAS Only, sometimes it is possible in non-TAS.

2 pigs rolling

When there is 2 pigs it is very easy, the superjump depends of what frame you roll, if you're TASing the game, just try to roll every 1 frame later.

1 pig rolling

Now, it is fucking hard or fucking easy! Most of the time those rolling are extremely hard, there is some pixels where Rayman does get pushed, then you have to roll at those precise pixels.

Others spots

Also, the rolling SJ can work in other spots, sometimes it's very hard

(Link to video)

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