These are various stategies discovered for the opponent Bald Bull 1. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

TAS Strategy - 57.82

This was originally discovered by Genisto in This movie.
TODO: Describe this strat

TAS Strategy - 58.97

This strategy was discovered by Phil & Genisto in their first TAS publication
This was the first fast Bald Bull strat that used an 18 second phase 1 strategy instead of the usual 17 second pattern.
TODO: describe this strat
TODO: find a very unrandom but fast strat



Most strategies depend on at least 1 random star (such as the 1st punch of phase 2 after a 17 second knockdown). The odds of this star is exactly 50%. If the lower nibble of the RNG is 0-7 it will be a star, otherwise it will not.


Bald Bull has two possible health amounts when he gets up after the 2nd knockdown. His energy will either refill to 80 or 72. The odds of a 72 refill is exactly 25% (4/16). 72 is possible only if the lower nibble of the RNG (0x0018) is 4, 5, C, or D.

Jab pattern

Between 0:20 and 2:00 of round 1, Bald Bull will be in his "basic" pattern. He will throw 2 hooks and then either throw a 3rd hook followed by uppercuts OR delay and then go into a 3 jab pattern. Every strategy depends on him doing one or the other, usually the 3 rolling jab pattern since they can be countered for stars, and uppercuts during the rolling animation will score the maximum 27 damage. Unfortunately the rolling jabs are the most unlikely. There is only a 25% (4/16) chance. He will do rolling jabs if the lower nibble of the RNG (0x0018) is 0-3.

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