These are various strategies discovered for the opponent Von Kaiser. While some of these strats may be doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

Kaiser's Casualty

This strategy was one of the first to get a sub 37 second time on Von Kaiser. Matt Turk & Miles Hardinson are credited for discovery of this in March 2004.
Phase 1- As soon as Mario starts the fight, press up + B to deliver a quick face jab to Kaiser. Repeat this procedure a total of 4 more times to land a total of 5 face jabs. Note: Do not hold up during this series of face jabs or Kaiser will duck or block. After the 5th face jab has landed immediately deliver a left body blow which will intercept Kaiser's head shake jab. Now listen closely. Immediately after the left body blow lands tap up for just a second like you were going to do a gutter and then give him 2 more left body blows both of which should connect. The 8th punch (body blow) will give Mac a star (100%). Now immediately duck Kaiser's head shake jab and answer with one left face jab followed by a star uppercut in his stunned, shaking head to get the first knockdown at 0:21. Mac should have 0 stars in reserve to start phase 2.
Phase 2- Kaiser will get up at Mario's count of 1. In order to get a second knockdown quickly you need to use a technique invented by Miles Hardinson. As soon as Mario says fight tap up on the control pad and immediately deliver two quick left body blows. Note: The timing for this maneuver is not that hard to get. The first punch should connect before Kaiser even starts to duck for his uppercut and the second punch will connect at the earliest possible moment he begins to bend for his second uppercut (watch the videos to see how I do it). The first body blow interception will produce a star (100%) but the second is random (50%). You have to get both stars to get this strategy to work. So immediately after Mac obtains star 2, press Start to deliver a star uppercut to knock Kaiser down a second time. The clock should read 0:29. Mac should have 1 star in reserve for phase 3.
Phase 3- Duck his uppercut and deliver a quick star uppercut to send him to the canvas for the final time. The clock should read 0:36 for the final knockdown.

Kaiser's Casualty Extreme

This is a modification of Kaiser's Casualty that can push the time to 36.00. It was developed by several people including adelikat, Matt Turk, and Brian Picchi.
Phase 1 is modified with this combo: Left jab, Left body blow, Left body blow, Left jab, Left jab/body blow (body is faster but isn't part of the original strat), Left body blow, Right body blow, Left jab

Kaiser - TAS Strat

There are 2 random events in this strategy: 1 in the 7th punch in Phase 1, and 1 in the second punch in Phase 2. This strategy is possible in real time, though it's very unlikely. Again the only difference here is phase 1. The opening combo is Left jab, followed by 6 Left body blows, then 2 Left jabs. Note: the 7th punch (Left jab) needs to be delayed by 1 frame, else he will delay his punch more than 1 frame.


All the fast Kaiser strategies depend on a random star (the 2nd one in Phase 2) to work. This star has exactly 50/50 odds. If the last digit of the RNG (0x0018) is low (0-8) it will always yield a star, and if it is high (9-F) it will never yield a star. Also, in the current World Record and TAS strat, there is a 3/16 Jab to connect (7th punch).

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