In NG3 Ryu can have two swords
 *Wide slash
 *Normal slash
Throws boomerang like shuriken
shoot fireball upward
shoots fireball downward
Form a barrier of fire
Shoots two blade in up and down direction
Ryu can attack Wider range when he have this.


Ryu can cancel his attack animation by pressing Up+A very effective against boss
Ryu can climb faster than he is walking. To do this ,You have to use frame advance feature. First jump of the wall and quick return grabbing back the wall, in rapid sucession ryu will show jumping animation and will faster than normal climbing.


Windmill star disappear
sometimes windmill star disappear if its being throw at wrong timing
Vaccum wave don't vanish
Very hard to pull off, In right time if Vaccum is use on wall as well as if Ryu's y velocity is in right speed ,vaccum will not vanish it will keep moving(but only one side)
Damage from wrong side
whenever Ryu attack the edge of screen the hitbox of the sword or ninpo will still comes out from other side Example:if the enemy is at Y position=50 at rightmost side of the screen then Ryu can kill it by attacking Y position=50 from leftmost side of the screen
Here is the .fm2
Getting wide slash after boss is defeat
In correct timing If Ryu takes damage when entering Boss room ,He won't lost his Wide slash
Fall through platform
Not yet normally discovered!
Enemy falling from platform
When Ryu's y position is at high speed(not allowing enemy to spawn at normal position),the enemy who is spawning has 70% chance of dropping from platform.

RAM adresses

00DBx position(scroll)
0083y position(scroll)
0059Y subpixel(Scroll)
00DAx subpixel (Scroll)
055Ex speed
0576y subpixel
058Ey position
04FEx subpixel
00FDx position
05D6y speed
TODO:give undiscovered glitch

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