This game uses the same (but older) engine as Wrath of the Black Manta. Most of the mechanics are same with fewer features or different limits.



Jump manipulation with firing
Different from WotBM.
Going through walls vertically
You need 4~5 Y speed. Fire before colliding a wall to get a lower Y height, resulting in passing through it.
Get inside wall
Different from WotBM, you need to fire + direction when colliding. This way you are 1px inside the wall. Unfortunately you can't jump from there.
Falling down with 1px/f horizontally
Generally you drop off from platforms with D,D+A which is as slow as in the beginning of the levels. Press D,D,D+A to start falling down with 1px/f.
Direction (where you will be thrown) depends on enemy's facing. Every facing results in a "left-side thrown" except if he is facing right. The travel time SHOULD be infinite but you can collide with a wall (for example a ceiling) and you will stop to recieve X pos increases while still unable to take action.
Enemy manipulation
Depends on player X, pressing B and number of objects (6 is the max, document which accounts really because of interesting test results)

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