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This game uses the same (but older) engine as Wrath of the Black Manta. Most of the mechanics are same with fewer features or different limits.

! Rules
* First frame when you get control you can do whatever you want.
* Falling from a platform costs 1 frame
* Shooting pauses you on ground, you must do it in air
* Shooting alters Y speed/Y max height
* You can instakill but it takes a lot of frames
* Bosses accounts HITs taken, not dmg, therefore the power up is totally useless apart from killing enemies.
* Power-ups sucks. You need to avoid "BONUS STAGE".
* The white frizbee guys can only hit at the legs if they still weild it... seriously.

! Tricks
;Jump manipulation with firing:Different from WotBM.
*Delaying jump increase with 1 frame: A,B.
*Max Y height + 2 = B after 19 frames.
*Max Y height + 3 = B after 15 frames.
*Max Y height + 4 = B after 9 frame.

;Going through walls vertically:You need 4~5 Y speed. Fire before colliding a wall to get a lower Y height, resulting in passing through it.

;Get inside wall:Different from WotBM, you need to fire + direction when colliding. This way you are 1px inside the wall. Unfortunately you can't jump from there.

;Falling down with 1px/f horizontally: Generally you drop off from platforms with D,D+A  which is as slow as in the beginning of the levels. Press D,D,D+A to start falling down with 1px/f.

;Damage-boosting: Direction (where you will be thrown) depends on enemy's facing. Every facing results in a "left-side thrown" except if he is facing right. The travel time SHOULD be infinite but you can collide with a wall (for example a ceiling) and you will stop to recieve X pos increases while still unable to take action.

;Enemy manipulation:Depends on player X, pressing B and number of objects (6 is the max, document which accounts really because of interesting test results)