List of cars by garage ID

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Audi A4
  3. Vauxhall Vectra
  4. Volvo S40
  5. Ford Mondeo
  6. Nissan Primera
  7. Peugeot 406
  8. Renault Laguna

Car tier list

The 8 cars of the game can be divided in three tiers:

Top tier

These are the fastest cars in the game, accelerating to top speed faster than any of the other cars. The difference between the three is practically negligible, and I've never been able to find any conclusive evidence for any of the three cars to excel over the other two. I do know that they have different collision models, but this makes hardly any difference.

Audi tier

The Audi is an unique car. Due to its extra weight it is more sluggish than the top cars, although it's still better than the bottom tier cars. However, due to its 4 wheel drive it has a great advantage in grip overall and especially in rainy conditions.

Bottom tier

These cars simply can't compete with the top cars. No reason to use them.


Track info

Donington Park (GP)
  • Length: 2.51 miles
Silverstone International
  • Length: 2.26 miles
  • Length: 2.36 miles
Brands Hatch (Indy)
  • Length: 1.20 miles
Oulton Park
  • Length: 1.66 miles
Donington Park (National)
  • Length: 1.96 miles
  • Length: 2.13 miles
  • Length: 1.30 miles
  • Length: 1.96 miles


Donington Park (GP)

Silverstone International


Brands Hatch (Indy)

Oulton Park

Donington Park (Short/National)





Lap stats are for Long Championship. Each track is run twice in succession, with weather and lap count always identical between both rounds.
RoundsTrack nameWeatherLapsLap lengthTotal lengthFastest LapAvg SpeedFastest Race (long)Avg Speed
1+2 Donington Park (GP) Overcast182.51 miles45.18 miles1:13.44 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]123.04 mph23:36.01 (8) (TAS) [1]114.86 mph
3+4 Silverstone InternationalStorm 202.26 miles45.20 miles1:12.47 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]112.27 mph25:02.96 (8) (TAS) [1]108.27 mph
5+6 Thruxton Cloudy 202.36 miles47.20 miles1:03.68 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]133.42 mph21:36.31 (8) (TAS) [1]131.08 mph
7+8 Brands Hatch Indy Cloudy 381.20 miles45.60 miles0:38.38 (8) (Q) (TAS) [1]112.60 mph25:06.93 (8) (TAS) [1]108.94 mph
9+10 Oulton Park Sunny 271.66 miles44.82 miles0:49.86 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]119.86 mph23:08.61 (8) (TAS) [1]116.20 mph
11+12Donington Park (Short) Rain 251.96 miles49.00 miles1:00.74 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]116.17 mph26:00.95 (8) (TAS) [1]113.01 mph
13+14Croft Cloudy 252.13 miles53.25 miles1:07.73 (8) (Q) (TAS) [1]113.21 mph29:34.25 (8) (TAS) [1]108.05 mph
15+16Knockhill Sunny 351.30 miles45.50 miles0:43.39 (8) (Q) (TAS) [1]107.90 mph25:58.66 (8) (TAS) [1]105.09 mph
17+18Snetterton Cloudy 231.96 miles45.08 miles0:56.53 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]124.82 mph22:22.95 (8) (TAS) [1]120.84 mph
19+20Thruxton Rain 202.36 miles47.20 miles1:04.71 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]131.29 mph21:59.70 (8) (TAS) [1]128.76 mph
21+22Brands Hatch Indy Storm 381.20 miles45.60 miles0:38.74 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]111.50 mph25:18.26 (8) (TAS) [1]108.12 mph
23+24Silverstone InternationalCloudy 202.26 miles45.20 miles1:11.65 (8) (A) (TAS) [1]113.55 mph24:29.36 (8) (TAS) [1]110.74 mph
Time legend:

Some numbers to do maths with

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