The purpose of this page is to document tricks and strategies for the game Goof Troop for SNES.


1 pixel = 256 subpixels, so a speed of 384 subpixels per frame means 1 pixel and 128 subpixels per frame = 1.5 pixels per frame
"Subpixels per frame" is shortened sp/f.

Character differences

Miscellaneous facts

Hook gun

The hook travels 4 pixels/frame = 1024 sp/f when fired, both when fired and when returning. In addition to the frames the hook is travelling, you will stop for 3 frames. For example, if you hold down Y for 3 frames, the hook will travel 12 pixels and you will stop for a total of 9 frames (3 frames for hook to move forward, 3 frames for it to return, and an additional 3 frames of waiting).

RAM addresses

RAM AddressComment
7E0111Goofy X pixel
7E0110Goofy X subpixel
7E0114Goofy Y pixel
7E0113Goofy Y subpixel
7E0191Max Xpixel
7E0190Max X subpixel
7E0194Max Y pixel
7E0193Max Y subpixel
7E1A58RNG 1
7E1A59RNG 2
7E0067Room ID
7E023EEnemy timer (for cannons on level 3)
7E0142Goofy item
7E011DGoofy HP
7E0157Goofy lives
7E0DB0Hook X pos

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