The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks of Kirby Super Star for the SNES.

Fire Glitch (Japanese only)

While performing a dashing attack in mid-air with the Fire ability, press Up and Down. This will cause Kirby to zip downwards at an enormous speed. This can be used to glitch through the floor to skip through some rooms or at the computer virus battle in order to kill yourself to skip the long sequence.

Jet Glitch (Japanese only)

While performing a dashing attack in mid-air with the Jet ability, press Up and Down. This will cause Kirby to fly diagonally upwards. This works with charged boosts too.
In order to glitch through a ceiling, fly towards the corner of a ceiling so that you just barely miss its wall. Then press "up" and "down". It does not work without a corner since the ceiling ejects Kirby downwards to a height where he can't glitch through the ceiling anymore. If it weren't for that very pixel, he could glitch through ceilings directly.

Ladder Glitch (Japanese only)

When pressing Up+Down on a ladder, it will glitch out the game, usually leading to a crash. In snes9x-rr 1.43, it sometimes would lead to the mini-boss battle in Dyna Blade but the emulation in snes9x-rr is not console accurate. The glitch has been tested on console by illayaya but it hasn't led to anything useful so far. However, Masterjun managed to use it to finish the game quickly by Arbitrary Code Execution.

Plasma Glitch (Japanese version)

In order to immediately charge your attack to the maximum, hold Left and Right and press Up.

Fall Through Platforms

The mechanism of this glitch was first discovered and explained by OGA.
This trick works by first performing a setup which leaves either Kirby's or the helper's fall-through counter at a non-zero value. Normally the counter resets when leaving a crouch, but it can be tricked by, for example as Kirby, crouching for a single frame during a run animation. In this state, if down is held starting a few frames before hitting the platform, they will immediately fall through without landing on the platform.
The non-zero fall-through counter is maintained through death, room transitions, and other transitions. But the state is lost by falling through a platform, crouching for too long, or resetting the game.

Have a Helper clip through the ground

Have the helper grab Kirby while Kirby is floating close to the ground. At the correct frame, have the helper let go of Kirby. If done right, the helper should be inside the floor.

About lag behavior

Lag is very tedious to control in this game. The lag frames during screen transitions can be minimized by different audio output of the game (by jumping, running or using your shield before entering a door). Generally, the more action on-screen, the greater the amount of lag frames that may occur. Avoid killing enemies if possible. When using Jet, try to direct your backward fire into a wall. Do luck-manipulate enemies into not performing moves that would induce lag frames easily (such as a fire enemy spitting a fireball).

Tricks & Glitches to add in the future

Memory addresses

These addresses will work for the Japanese version of the game.
Cartridge RAM09882 bytesX Position
Cartridge RAM0A7D1 byteX Sub-position
Cartridge RAM0A022 bytesY Position
Cartridge RAM0AF71 byteY Sub-position
Cartridge RAM16BF2 bytesX Velocity
Cartridge RAM0BEA2 bytesY Velocity
Cartridge RAM149F2 bytesAbility
SA1 IRAM03AC2 bytesFall-through counter
Cartridge RAM098A2 bytesX Position
Cartridge RAM0A7F1 byteX Sub-position
Cartridge RAM0A042 bytesY Position
Cartridge RAM0AF91 byteY Sub-position
Cartridge RAM16C12 bytesX Velocity
Cartridge RAM0BEC2 bytesY Velocity
Cartridge RAM14A12 bytesAbility
SA1 IRAM03AE2 bytesFall-through counter
SA1 IRAM07432 bytesPRNG state

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