The purpose of this page is to document all TAS tricks currently known for Skyblazer for SNES.

Generic techniques


Walking is the normal movement method, performed by simply pressing a direction. However there are ways to speed it up by a little.
Jumping, falling from a ledge, and attacking makes Sky stop for one frame. Obviously one wants to avoid it whenever possible.
Sky accelerates for a while before reaching full walking speed. By jumping at the first frame possible this can be avoided, since jumping speed is always maximum and doesn't need acceleration. But when Sky touches the ground again, he still has to accelerate if he didn't yet. The acceleration can be completely skipped by grabbing a wall.


It is possible to continuously do small zips on the floor. It is faster than walking normally, thus should be abused whenever possible. In order to perform it, one must crouch, punch, jump and press the opposite direction for one frame, then hold the right direction.
Input should look like this (when moving right):
Frame 1: Down
Frame 2: Down, Y
Frame 3: Down, B
Frame 4: -
Frame 5: Left
Frame 6: Right
Zipjumping must be performed on correct position on the floor. It works on all ledges and starting positions, and spots approximately 50 pixels from ledges and starting positions.

Comet Flash

Comet Flash is obtained from the boss in Temple Infernus. Using it costs two magic power units. It makes Sky blast through most enemies without getting hit. This is the fastest way to move when going right.


There are several ways to perform zipping. Downwards zipping is impossible in this game. Zipping right can be done only for short distances. Zipping upwards or left can be done for long distances, and should be abused a lot.

Zipping right

See "Zipjumping" above.
Jumping on the edges of moving roofs pushes Sky a few pixels to the right. Works to the left too.

Zipping up inside a wall

First one must enter a wall by simply zipjumping in there. When inside a wall, jump and attack or cast a spell to start zipping. To stop the zipping speed, you can keep jumping, or press a direction to walk or zip out of the wall. Do nothing to keep the zipping speed.

Zipping left through the floor

Zipjumping works to the left too. But there are faster methods. When performing a zipjump, face right and cast a spell. During the spell animation, Sky remains inside the floor and zips while the spell animation lasts. The longer the animation lasts, the longer time Sky spends zipping.
There is another way too, which isn't used in the current TAS. Start off by zipjumping inside a wall. Once inside the wall, jump and hold right. Sky should be in the climbing position now, except he is lower than usually, a few pixels inside floor. Now simply punch and Sky starts zipping left.

Zipping left through the roof

It is possible to get Sky's head inside a roof if you jump from a right height (usually from a wall). When Sky's head is inside the roof, turn right and cast a spell to start zipping, but this trick is only feasible on the beta 2 ROM, the currently published run do not have this trick as it uses the final version of the game.


Jumping on the wall is faster than normally climbing. Climbing also eliminates Sky's walking acceleration.
Jumping up a ledge is usually faster than climbing up the ledge. Even faster way to jump is punching while grabbing the wall, then jump. This makes Sky jump straight up instead of away from the wall.

Jumping mid-air

It is possible to jump on the first frame you gain control of Sky, even when he is mid-air.
After getting hit, you can jump on the first frame you gain control of Sky.
If you cast Comet Flash on ground and the animation ends mid-air, you can jump on the first frame after animation ends and you gain control of Sky.

Ending bossfights

You should get Sky in the center of the screen before fadeout to minimize the time it takes for Sky to acquire the boss' power. Even faster is to go completely out of the screen.

Flying between continents

There are three continents on the world map. When Sky reaches a new one, you get a flying sequence where you can collect lots of gems to gain 1-UPs. To end these faster, simply get hit by the first spike seen.


When there is no stream, climbing up or down a wall is faster than swimming up or down.
Attacking while in water can be canceled by pressing the opposite direction.

Surviving crushing walls

By jumping on the correct frame you can survive from being killed by a crushing wall.
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