This is the compilation of the physics, glitches, and memory addresses for Super Mario Kart.
If you find any mistakes or know any more information, like addresses, chart data, or anything else, please feel free to edit the page below, or send a private message to Huffers, Curtmack, or Comicalflop on the forums.

Super Mario Kart Game Physics


There are two different kinds of ramps in the game:


The boost-counter cannot be charged during the 'revving up bit' at the start of each race. However, by starting to hold accelerate on the correct frame before the race starts (somewhere in between the second and third lights that Lakitu holds), you can get a substantial boost.

Long Boosts

Infini Boosts

Common to all types of boosts:

Lap Skips

On certain race courses (DP1, MC4, DP3 and KB2) you can drive around in circles near the finish line. This can trick the game into thinking that you successfully made a lap.

Tables of Data

Memory Values

[2] *
Value of 7E0D70Item
3Banana peel
4Green shell
5Red shell
7E0D70 cannot become greater than 8 by normal means. If it is forced to be greater, conglomerate items (for example, at 9, ghost, mushroom and banana peel) are fired when A is pressed.
Note: 7E0D71 must be C0 to use items. A0 means the roulette is cycling, and 80 means the icon is blinking and making the "ding ding ding" sound effect. 00 means there's no item.

Kart data

50ccMario/LuigiPeach/YoshiBowser/Donkey KongKoopa Troopa/Toad
Top speed, normal783751815736
Top speed, offroad580620610635
Handling[1]40, 4642, 4543, 4339, 42
100ccMario/LuigiPeach/YoshiBowser/Donkey KongKoopa Troopa/Toad
Top speed, normal911878943863
Top speed, offroad580620610635
Handling40, 4642, 4543, 4339, 42
Add 8 to your normal top speed for each coin you have. Off road speed is unaffected by coins.
Any mode that doesn't prompt for a cc class (Time Trial, Battle Mode, etc.) acts as 100cc. If coins are not involved, the coin count is zero.
TODO: with some more tinkering, acceleration, mushroom boost speeds, etc. could be found; also more data could be compiled as more memory addresses are found. 150cc values should be found.

See also

[1] The first number is the number of frames it takes for 7E10A5 to increment 30 times from the first frame the right arrow is pressed at a speed of 255. The second number is the value of 7E10A5 after the kart stops turning after releasing the right arrow. These are highly unscientific measurements intended only for comparison.
[2] This is a newly found memory address for a player's item. It appears to be superior to 7E0D70 in that at the moment the item box turns red, it shows the value similar to 7E0D70 of what item will appear, no matter what amount of input you do, such as pressing A to select the item earlier. This corresponds to the 'items are predetermined' rule, in that the item value is shown the instant you touch the item box, and this value matches what the item ends up being.
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