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First we will define some variables and provide the memory location the game uses to reference them.
variable namememory locationdescription
x speed7e0408,2spositive is moving to the right
y speed7e040a,2spositive is falling
x pos7e0404,2uthe farther to the right the higher
y pos7e0406,2uthe lower the higher
str len7e0604,1sthe amount of line out, possible to make negative somehow
str stretch7e0602,1uthe length of the line stretched
x hook7e0500,2ux location of tip of hook (in pixels)
y hook7e0502,2u
x dim(pixels)7e040c,2ux dim / 64
y dim(pixels)7e040e,2u
Note this is not the actual order things are evaluated in


Every frame:


Speed limits

Horizontal Control

Vertical Control



Rope control

Rope forces



down, clip, lag

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