This page lists tricks and information for Anno 1602 (also known as 1602 A.D.).

Sheep Farm bug

Place a sheep farm and wait for all sheep to come out. Then remove the sheep farm and place a plantation or workshop in the same location. When the sheep return, they will be converted to (approx. 4 units) of the (first) input resource corresponding to the building. This way, you can produce even rare resources like iron or gold.
New placed building1 Sheep gives
Swordmaker4 Iron
StonemasonEnough to produce 4 Bricks
Small shipyard4 Wood
Grain farmEnough to produce 4 Grain
Although this bug is popular to do with sheep, it also works with some other buildings.
Previous BuildingNew building1 Unit gives
StonemasonForester Lodge1 Wood
StonemasonGrain farmEnough to produce 1 Grain
CastleStonemasonThe walker that transports resources to the castle will yield the same amount of units as he took.

Mouse Hover Plantation bug

Select any kind of street. When a plantation worker goes out to harvest a field, keep hovering over that field with the selected street. This will cause the field to be harvested but to remain fully grown.
Also works when hovering on a forest that a woodcutter is cutting down.

Place Farms Anywhere

Depending where you place certain types of crops, you will have a certain fertility rate (0%, 50% or 100%) which determines how many tiles will grow whereas the other tiles will wither. By doing this bug, you can grow types of crop on islands where it shouldn't be possible to grow it (such as Spice on Northern islands):
  1. Place crop tiles
  2. Wait for these tiles to wither completely (this takes about 40-50 sec when running at max speed). Wait an additional 10 seconds.
  3. Place new crop tiles on top. Wait 1-2 seconds.
  4. Place and hold new crop tiles on top. While holding, wait until you can see that the crop has fully grown, then let go.

Cannons Counter bug

Normally you will not know how many cannons are equipped on enemy ships. But if you select an enemy ship and hover over where the number of equipped cannons would show (if it was your own ship), then the game will give a tooltip in the bottom bar that tells how many cannons are equipped on that ship.

Native Soldier bug

If you select a native soldier and he starts walking, you command him to stop as if it were your own unit. Additionally, the name of the native soldier will show up as "unused".

Island Shoreline bug

In the British version's mission "The Magnate", after taking over the island with the two gold veins and native villages, you can delete part of the island's shoreline, giving you a bigger island.

Small Shipyard bug

To build a big ship in a small shipyard, first select a big shipyard and choose a big ship. Then click on a small shipyard and confirm to build it. The two shipyards can be on different islands.

Unconfirmed bugs

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