This page lists tricks and information for the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.
"RT1" and "RT2" indicate which game in the series the glitch works in, although in many cases the glitch will work in both games and it only has been confirmed in one of them.

"Arriving At Station" Glitch (RT1, RT2)

If a rollercoaster train touches the station but is pulled out down by gravity or up by chainlifts, it may leave the station and travel the other way while still in "arriving at station" status. This causes the train to travel through the track at constant slow speed, even uphill. If a train in such status reaches the end of a track, instead of falling off it will switch to "moving to end of station" status and move forward again until it reaches the end of a station.

"Departing Station" Glitch (RT1, RT2)

When a (launch-mode) rollercoaster leaves a station, it cannot derail. If you build descending track pieces at the beginning, the train will be stuck and gain endless speed (although it will be reset to 0 after a certain threshold). The sound may behave weird, too.

Train Speed Physics Glitch (RT1, RT2)

Under certain circumstances, a train may gain more speed than should be possible when travelling across hills.

Dinky Park Road Glitch (RT1)

After buying construction rights, it is possible to delete or interact with part of the road outside the park.

Observation Tower Glitch (RT1)

The details on this glitch aren't known, but the premise is that a too low Observation Tower will cause the ride on that tower to ascend past the pole into the air and get stuck there. The finder claims something similar happens with other tower-related rides such as Whoa Belly.

Underground Entrance Glitch (RT1)

The details on this glitch aren't known, but it seems that on rare occasion, guests will not go through the entrance of a ride if the entrance is built underground.
(See at 1:10)

Boat Ride Glitch (RT1)

If a water tile is lowered that has boats from the Boat Ride on it, those boats will start to hover in the air indefinitely.

Whoa Belly Invisibility Glitch (RT1)

When launching from very high terrain, the ride from a Whoa Belly will become invisible temporarily.

Grass Removal Trick (RT1)

Using the land leveler tool on tiles that have tall grass will clear the grass.

Multiple Easter Eggs (RT1)

There are easter eggs related to guest names, e.g. if you name a guest Chris Sawyer he will take photos, or if you name a guest Michael Schumacher, he will be extra fast when on the Go Karts ride.
Since the game accepts different capitalization of the same name, you can have multiple easter egg guests.

Guests Falling Through The Ground (RT1)

Quickly lowering and raising a ground that has a guest on it will make that guest fall through the ground. Alternatively, have a guest walk on an underground path and delete it.
Guests that fall to the very bottom of the map will be deleted from the game.

Station Brakes Failure Glitch (RT1)

This happens with rollercoaster rides that have an open track and use launching. If the ride is broken down with "station brakes failure" and the train moves back into the station at high speed, instead of crashing it will simply stop and keep launching the train.

Money Glitch (RT2)

When stacking platform scenery on top of each other and then building an attraction onto the scenery (while holding Shift), you may gain more money back than you invested in the scenery.

TODO: Add more glitches that may be listed on the wiki.

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