Contra III: The Alien Wars



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  • Platforms: SNES
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  • Contra 3,Contra Spirits,魂斗羅スピリッツ
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Trying to strike a compromise with peace activists, the guy who destroys the world bare-chested has been ordered to stop an alien invasion while taking as few lives as possible. As such, this run completes Contra III: The Alien Wars while only destroying enemies and obstacles if they prevent advancement. This requires much more careful dodging than the other run that avoids the warp glitch does.
Our hero takes the dodging one step further by adding the limitation that he cannot shoot enemy projectiles. However, frustrated by the lack of carnage and by the political pressure, our hero lets off steam sometimes by shooting the scenery and doing entertaining dances and poses.
This run improves the previous publication by 00:25.41 seconds.
The guy who has infinite supply of ammo and destroys worlds bare-chested is back again! And this time he has a shirt and a friend with him.
This very colorful movie by Mr_K and EZGames69 plays through the game with both characters at the same time (which is far from trivial to do), and 26.28 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to better optimisation.
For a movie that completes the game even faster using a warping glitch, see this run.
One of the best (and best known) shooters of the 16-bit era, Contra III: The Alien Wars forgoes any semblance of plot devices in favor of good old fashioned shooting and platforming with some tough as nails bosses, especially in this, the hardest mode.
Apparently not happy with an already amazing movie, Cpadolf felt the need to go on yet another black op, optimizing his distortions of space and time on the way to a 173 frame improvement.
This movie uses a 'warping' glitch to complete the game. There is also the 2-player version, which does not.

Note: There is also a lossless encode available in the discussion thread.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA).sfc U 1.0 265886e3f665adf2507e7b2f08b6b2ed9d0018b2 ede82658dafdd6febbfbe6a9c9082500 SNES