Game List

IdName SystemsActions
1992 Boxxle II GB Versions
1452 Braid Linux, Windows Versions
662 Brain Age DS Versions
839 Brain Age 2 DS Versions
2392 Brain Games A2600 Versions
3191 Brain Lord SNES Versions
881 Bram Stoker's Dracula NES Versions
1704 Bram Stoker's Dracula Genesis, SegaCD Versions
1533 Brandish SNES Versions
3985 Bratz: Rock Angelz GBA Versions
3322 Brave Fencer Musashi PSX Versions
3949 Brawl Brothers SNES Versions
2754 Break Time: The National Pool Tour NES Versions
1080 BreakThru NES Versions
723 Breath of Fire SNES, GBA Versions
568 Breath of Fire II SNES Versions
774 Breath of Fire III PSX Versions
1289 Brian Lara Cricket '96 Genesis Versions
3796 Broken Breakout? MacOS Versions
2941 Brother Bear GBA Versions
2523 Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend GBA Versions
3551 BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 BSX Versions
607 Bubba 'n' Stix Genesis Versions
3825 Bubble and Squeak Genesis Versions
61 Bubble Bobble NES Versions
661 Bubble Ghost GB Versions
1746 Bubsy 3D PSX Versions
3120 Bubsy II Genesis Versions
222 Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind SNES Versions
3669 Bubsy In: Fractured Furry Tales Jaguar Versions
2881 Buck Bumble N64 Versions
105 Bucky O'Hare NES Versions
2829 Buffers Evolution WSWAN Versions
3986 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wrath of the Darkhul King GBA Versions
2039 Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters PSX Versions
2971 Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 GBC Versions
2296 Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble GG Versions
2886 Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 GBC Versions
1687 Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time PSX Versions
3529 Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage SNES Versions
2270 Bugz Uzebox Versions
1488 Bump 'n' Jump NES Versions
3658 Bump 'n' Jump INTV Versions
2186 BurgerTime NES Versions
2284 BurgerTime INTV Versions
2393 BurgerTime A2600 Versions
1232 BurgerTime Deluxe GB Versions
3936 Burning Rangers Saturn Versions
2923 Burnout 2: Point of Impact GC Versions
953 Bushido Blade 2 PSX Versions