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Staff Conduct

All staff members of TASVideos, including administrators, seniors, ambassadors, judges, publishers, and moderators, serve as representatives for the site. Therefore, all staff members must adhere to conduct in order to represent the site in a positive way, and not to bring TASVideos or its staff into disrepute for any reason.
Any staff member must agree to follow the Staff Conduct in order to fulfill any staff role or action.

Handling users

Any staff member communication with users should follow the site rules in all aspects. Demeaning or insulting any user in any communication venue related to TASVideos is not acceptable. Nach: We want to discourage this, but I'm not certain this is feasible. I doubt we'd take action unless this was a frequent occurrence and the insults were beyond mild. adelikat: I think the sentence is correct as is. It isn't saying that you are immediately demoted for this behavior. It is certainly feasible to make it clear that this is unacceptable and enforce it based on repeated violations. Nach: I'd say it was unacceptable if your intention was to demean and insult the person in question. I wouldn't want to confuse it with venting your frustration, which I see happens often, and shouldn't be as severe as someone intentionally insulting someone to make them look foolish to other readers.
Chat or forum moderation must act in a consistent matter towards supporting good conduct in the chat or forum, and must not be influenced by bias towards or against any specific user on the part of the moderator or staff member.

Handling submissions and publications

All submissions and publications must be handled with an equal standard for quality.
If, for any personal reason, a judge or publisher cannot be expected to handle a submission or publication without bias with regard to the movie or its author(s), that judge or publisher should not be involved with any staff-related activity (judging, encoding, publishing) for that movie. This should be done voluntarily on the staff member's part, but may also be enforced by a senior or administrator if they deem it necessary.

Violation of staff conduct

Staff members who deliberately or purposefully act contrary to the staff conduct in any way (effective starting when the Staff Conduct is formally and officially introduced), may be suspended from any and all of their staff roles and activities, by an administrator's discretion. Nach: No one should be banned for a single offense unless it was absolutely vile beyond human decency. We should also show compassion and realize staff members may occasionally have a bad day too.
Nach: I have to question why some of these once approved should be on a page like this instead of rules specific to a particular role.
adelikat: We should define which roles qualify as "staff". What about encoders? or editors? What about future roles that may be created?

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