In this page I note down my personal wishlist for TASes that I would still, one day, love to see be made.
During my time creating TASes on this site, there were a lot of games that I really wanted to see TASed. For many of them, I wound up creating and finishing my own TAS of them; other times, I laid down some groundwork but never was able to finish it, or the TAS tools for it didn't exist at the time, or required something specific that I never learned how to use. (A lot of them are PC games for which TAS tools are still relatively unexplored). A lot of them also happen to be RTS games, which are a genre that's very scarcely represented in TASing in general outside of Warcraft II (which otherwise also would've been on this list).
If you are interested in TASing any of these games (and you have the tools/capability for it), please contact me on Discord - I'd happily provide support and possible resources, or otherwise follow progress.
I assume many of the games on this list will stay here for many years, but I would be very happy to see it get cut down over time :)
Besides listing the games here, I'll also add links to resources, and history/reference material or WIPs that I might have. Games are listed in alphabetical order.

Age of Mythology

Classic RTS game, spin-off of the Age of Empires series. Has some pretty expansive campaigns with lots of strategy potential.

Dungeon Keeper

Another strategy game which I used to play a lot, albeit with a more unique style of gameplay. Both the original game and its expansion have reasonably lengthy level packs.

Grand Theft Auto 2

I did end up making a TAS of this, albeit it was "only" an any% run, on the PSX version. This leaves a lot of content still untouched, including all of the missions and collectibles. (Also, the PSX version is significantly inferior to the PC version).
I have some very old individual missions and test WIPs from around 2011-2015, giving more of an indication of what longer TASes of this game would be like.


This is an interesting platform/shooting game (controlling similar to, say, Mega Man). It only has 5 levels, but these levels are quite long and have you traverse in all kinds of areas and directions. Meanwhile, enemies are very dynamic and will also travel across the map to find and shoot at the player. Enemies also drop various kinds of weapons which can be picked up.
I tried to TAS this game somewhere around 2014, but it failed to run in JPC-rr. Ilari also could not get it to work.
There are very few resources for the game out there. One useful resource I have is a collection of in-game minimaps:
Between all games on this list, this probably is the simplest game to TAS, as it is relatively short, is a relatively straightforward platforming/shooting game, and better tools to TAS old PC games than JPC-rr exist nowadays.

Jazz Jackrabbit

Another game I did TASes of, although this part of the game was left untouched: the bonus levels. The CD version of the game includes an "Episode Z" option which has all bonus levels in a row, which means it can be speedran (and Jazz Jackrabbit speedrunner SimonNaar eventually came to speedrun these bonus levels, although the records aren't formally tracked).
At one point around 2014, Ilari tried to TAS parts of the bonus levels, but complications with game mechanics and the general difficulty of 3D movement optimization (especially when limited to JPC-rr) put him off.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 already has a few fun TASes - JJ2 would be just as worthy. Great game with fast and interesting platforming and shooting action.

Mega Man X8

Way back in 2011, when PS2 TASing seemed "near" (one full decade later, we still don't have good PS2 TASing tools), I had plans to TAS Mega Man X8 if the tools came there. The tools never ended up coming there.
2kHz eventually did manage to pull off making a TAS of the PS2 release (I assume with PCSX2-rr), but it still suffers a bit from stability issues. I hope to see a fully publishable run one day.


A classic DOS/Amiga puzzle game, with gameplay styled after Boulder Dash. Has the potential to make for a nicely paced TAS with lots of creative problem solving. 38Marvin38's ILs are already very close to optimized within the game's movement engine and are a good representation of what a TAS of the game could look like. Unfortunately, the ILs are not complete - as of writing, only 81 of the 111 levels from the original level pack have a run.
The game is quite long, so even with its steady pace a run would still be likely to cross the 90-minute mark.
I took a stab at TASing this game in 2013, but stopped after a few levels because of JPC-rr issues.


The well known sandbox game, sometimes known as Minecraft with a 2D Final Fantasy art style and platforming game mechanics. Only recently did TAS tools catch up with systems that this game could be TASed on (my initial hopes were with the 3DS version, but maybe something else can get there first). Between extensive RNG manipulation to shape the world around your needs (looking at seeded RTA runs for inspiration) and a very large expanse of possibilities for ways to reach goals fast, I think a TAS of this game would be great to see.

Total Annihilation

Probably the single game I'd be happiest to see a TAS of, in any capacity - although even if the game became TASable in the current PC-emulating environment, it'd still be a massive effort to make a good TAS of.
This is yet another RTS game, but it's a really good one (arguably one of the best of all time). It has a variety of campaigns and missions (25 per original campaign, 12 per Core Contingency campaign, a total of 100 Battle Tactics missions, and Krogoth Encounter as a standalone mission), which all open up to a lot of possible strategies and micromanagement which a TAS could push to the limit. kakashi12309's playlists showcase a lot of variety in how the missions can be approached for speedrunning purposes.
The game also has an inbuilt speed modifier, so the game can be played at up to 2x speed, helping keep up the pace of the game. Since the ingame timer compensates for this, I'd argue that this would be allowed to use for a TAS.

Worms 2

Worms is probably the franchise with the least TASing action that I know of, that would really warrant having some. The gameplay is perfect for using TAS tools to pull off impossibly precise trick shots and optimized chain reactions. RTA runs are starting to show the potential of this, albeit they are limited by humanly-replicable consistent setups.

Worms Armageddon

Same description as Worms 2. There are _some_ old TAS resources out there but they're mostly revolving around Ninja Rope swinging, which is great in itself but it's an entirely different type of gameplay. I'd like to see more of the actual weapon action that the game is revolved around.
Deathmatch would be another interesting challenge, because of manipulation of the randomly generated levels.

Worms Open Warfare 2

I singled this Worms game out in particular because it was one of the few Worms games that existed on a TASable platform for a longer time (DS). This meant I was able to make a WIP of the first couple missions, although it never got going beyond that.
Puzzle and Laboratory modes might also provide interesting alternative challenges.

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