This is the homepage of Cpadolf. Forum member, TASer, and lazy bum.
My love for TASing stems from my obsession of Super Metroid, the (objectively) greatest game of all time. Having made speedruns of the game for years, I was inspired partly from the incredible runs already published on this site, but even more so from fellow Super Metroid speedrunner Tonski's first attempts of TASing to start trying this out on my own. Without frame advance, memory watch or any of the other usual conveniences, I made my first run with nothing but good ol'24% speed and rerecords. And after about 8 hours of work I had created my very own TAS of Super Metroid. I think it goes without saying that it was horrible.
But with encouraged and some pointers, mainly from hero of the day, Saturn, and later moozooh I set out to improve my work. The second run used frame advance, it still sucked but I started to get the hang of it. In the third I incorporated the memory watcher, and upped the optimization quite a bit. This time I started to close in on the then published runs on the site, and sure enough the fourth run I made was also the first I submitted to this site. It was, however, rejected after a long discussion, due to having a bad goal, aiming for fastest ingame time rather than the fastest actual time. Not being discouraged by the decision I went on to make a fifth version of the same run, which I submitted without any actual intent of getting it published. Much to my surprise however, it was. Thus I was finally an official player on the site, and the rest as they say is history.

My Published Movies (out of date)

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