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Obsoleting Movie
This movie features a perfect example of what can occur when TASers will go to any extreme to sequence break a long game. Very little that is recognizable remains. Cpadolf forgoes key items, yet bothers to collect the X-Ray scope, an item normally useless to an experienced Super Metroid player.
With the use of X-Ray Scope to get out of the rooms' bounds, some non-trivial physics abuse, and esoteric RAM data manipulation via dying in a certain room, the amount of tasks Samus usually has to do on Zebes has been cut to almost nothing. No boss is ever fought in this TAS, and even Mother Brain is skipped completely. The in-game completion time is 00:12. Only 6% of the items are collected.
This is an improvement of 00:25.62 seconds real-time, or 00:22.98 seconds in-game, over the previous glitched any% run. The main improvement comes from a new method of skipping the cutscene with the big metroid, although the author found many other improvements along the way.

The peculiar effects of the Space/Time Beam, if properly utilized, can cut this run's time further in half. The movie will have to begin from a savestate, but Samus will start the game fully powered-up, so item collection and all detours associated with it are no longer required.
Such a movie, also made by Cpadolf, can be found here; its completion time is 12:46 (00:06 by the in-game timer).
If you want to see up-to-date low percentage movies completed without using the out-of-bounds glitch, see these:
Published on 4/8/2009 12:00 AM

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