Who is NesVideoAgent?

NesVideoAgent was a humble drone of BisqBot, created in 2004-04-25. Here's the story as Bisqwit tells it.

NES video agent

Its primary purpose was to sit on the IRCChannel and report on everything that happens on the discussion forums.
(Actually, these features are implemented in BisqBot, not NesVideoAgent. Explained below.)
It also told us when new submissions have been made or new movies have been published.
It had some unique abilities as well, such as automatic screenshoting.

TAS Video Agent

On 2009-07-03 the bot in the IRC Channel was rewritten by Nach in C using standard UNIX sockets and pipes for the new server, and renamed to TAS Video Agent.


Now, the meaning of its life is to be the one to blame when something is done on the server-side, such as deleting 400 accounts of the forum users.

BisqBot agent

Initially, as a tertiary function, it worked as a gateway, or agent, to BisqBot. NesVideoAgent's "agent" feature made it possible for BisqBot's utilities to be used on #nesvideos despite BisqBot himself not being present: NesVideoAgent would relay both the queries and their responses. Sometimes the relaying would happen through Bisqwit's own client. NesVideoAgent himself did not possess any special functionality.
The utilities would be accessed with the . commands such as the following:
The tools were developed by Bisqwit, although many of them use freely available programs/webservices as their backend – such as .cc which uses PARI/GP.
NesVideoAgent ran ircII.
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