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Supports similar syntax used by web search engines.
For more information, see the postgres text parsing documentation.
The search is in-sensitive for spelling. For example, ‹megaman› and ‹Megaman› give the same results.
However, the search may be sensitive to spacing. For example, ‹mega man› gives different result than ‹megaman› Much like the Google search, including more words in the search narrows down the search. ‹Metroid› will find all Metroid-related articles and movies for all consoles, but ‹Super Metroid› will only find those which contain also the word ‹Super›.
For exact phrase searching try the Advanced Search.
Note: Currently, our search engine may not properly appreciate publications and submissions over other results; we suggest either using Google search for those, or searching for game name and navigating from there. Relevant results of any type may not end up on the first page even if found; use the "Next" button below to browse other pages.