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2727S MegaMan, but loads of characters from the previous MegaMan series got ugly redesigns for this
980S megaman would be upside down. The last enemy of this room is shot by megaman
6186S Megaman just has to fill them with metalblades. ((sidenote Megaman loves to shot like a Shotgun
ListOfIdeas/NDS MegaMan Star Force - Dragon| | | |1293|USA|MegaMan Star Force - Leo| | | |1294|USA|MegaMan Star Force
ES/ListOfIdeas/NDS MegaMan Star Force - Dragon| | | |1293|USA|MegaMan Star Force - Leo| | | |1294|USA|MegaMan Star Force
3837S megaman or lan’s ↘axis| |02001150|2|step number| |02003A6C|2|CUSTOM type| |02003A68|2|GUTS
3496S megaman with girls,inherits all the features of megaman,such like boss selection,getting weapon
4105S megaman romhack before I think. It's focused entirly on speed. Megaman's walking/sliding speed
4278S Megaman 4 is different from the original Megaman 4. Weapons have new attacking mode, more
2125S Megaman games. Megaman comes between Megaman 4 and 5. Revenge tried by: * Toad Man * Bright

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I Wanna Be the Guy Megaman to Center - going right from the spiky room after the KKK fight Megaman to Center
Speedruns on DVD Megaman 4 Megaman 5 DVD 3 Megaman 6 Megaman 7 DVD 4 Megaman x Megaman
Special stars Megaman and Bass, but I am aware that Megaman 2 is probably the more likely
#919: saegotomin's NES Legendary Wings in 28:04.92 Megaman too? Megaman X: No, we disowned you a long time ago. Megaman Volnutt: =( Megaman
"Outsmarting" a video game MegaMan's. You see, a player of the classic MegaMan games might see that and think
#690: Gigafrost's NES Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link in 06:1 Megaman Megaman 2 .... Megaman 6 and not Megaman 2 .... Megaman 6 Megaman as it is now. There
VG Magic the Gathering Megaman templating because earlier this week I learned about Imprint. Megaman 4 Legendary Artifact Creature
Mega Man 1-6 "window of opportunity" Megaman lose control, there's a window of opportunity of 1 frame where Megaman may perform
Megaman Battle Network series (1 + 2 in particular) MegaMan can try.) Talk to Mayl and receive Roll R. Yai forces you to do this
Mega Man 7 Megaman 10[/quote] [quote="Smirre"]Megaman X is Megaman 10[/quote] I'm glad you see fit to contradict