Purity is freedom from any unwanted control. Something controls you if you can't resist reacting to it. If you can resist, you create yourself a new option that wasn't there before. And having options that let you decide according to your own preferences - is freedom.
Visceral reaction to unwanted control can happen in one of the 3 ways:
If any explicit reaction can be provoked repeatedly and indefinitely, that's addiction.
To heal damage caused by addiction, one first needs to learn other ways to react to something, as an exercise meant to change focus voluntarily, to regain control on one's own attention.
Then, one needs to unlearn any visceral reaction to external factors (macrocosm events, facts of objective reality), both negative and positive.
Third step is withholding explicit reaction to one's own internal events (microcosm, subjective reality), while still acknowledging their existence.
Ability not to react to something involuntarily is not to be confused with any kind of law or ban. Reaction is not forbidden, it just should not be mindless and unwanted. Which takes a lot of time and effort, but the result of the success overcomes initial hopes.

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