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#638438008680349836 - Parallel Air (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:29.09 (8960 frames), 4005 rerecords
Game: Parallel Air ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 6 days ago by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Quoting U1
The young man is a traveler.
His two companions are two.
Burning fireball that can be released by placing wishes on plants.
Promises far far apart imposed on those with “power.”
Parallel Air is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack that differs from the easier Air and the harder Air 2, all hacks of which are created by U1.
Parallel Air is easier than Air 2 because it still retains its midair jump cheat. It also has 3 levels, each with separate rooms, which are remixes of levels from the original Air. Besides the fact that Parallel Air doesn't mark where the hidden blocks are, it is harder than the original Air because some of the rooms have changed their designs to be more difficult.
This is an unexpected improvement of almost three seconds over my original 2018 run, mostly thanks to a new strategy involving avoiding the Super Mushroom in Air 1-1!
Download the IPS patch here.

#638435327378909416 - Air 2 (SMB1 Hack)

In 06:10.86 (22288 frames), 5254 rerecords
Game: Air ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 9 days ago by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Air 2 is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack created by U1 in 2003, and is the second of the Air series. In the series, Mario must save the angelic damsel who went to "-Air-".
Besides all hidden blocks being marked, Air 2 is much harder than the first Air because it removes the infinite jump cheat from the prequel, with the level design being changed in a few places to account for the former. Emulator tools and glitches are required to complete the trial-and-error platform puzzle hack.
While no longer publication-worthy because the original Air 2 publication was intended to be a showcase, my TAS beats periwinkle's "rough draft" by 83 frames and my previous 2023 run by 33 frames due to a timesave I found in Air 1-2. The rest of the input remains unchanged from my previous run.
Take your swing, the IPS patch to download awaits you.

#638413079923077940 - Superfast Mario Bros. 3 (Fixed patch)

SuperfastMario3v2 (fixed)_TAS! =D.bk2
In 01:48.22 (6504 frames), 2354 rerecords
1 comment, 25 downloads
Uploaded 1/20/2024 12:39 AM by Αsumeh (see all 34)

#638295602298466579 - Adventure! (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:18.38 (8317 frames), 4866 rerecords
Uploaded 9/6/2023 1:23 AM by Αsumeh (see all 34)

#638236843126175874 - HL Coins Land (SMB1 Hack)

In 10:35.19 (38174 frames), 8166 rerecords
Uploaded 6/30/2023 1:11 AM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
HL Coins Land is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack created by HappyLee somewhere in the mid-2000s where your goal is to collect 100 coins by World X-3 to get extra lives and proceed in the game. Like Air 2 and Hard Relay Mario, savestates and abuse of complex Super Mario Bros. glitches are required to collect every coin and beat every level, making this hack practically impossible to complete in real-time.
My TAS beats HappyLee's 2011 run by 14.19 seconds thanks to better optimization on most stages. Actual rerecord count is 18910.
Download the IPS patch here, but be warned of this hack's difficulty...

#638196864586404291 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (Low Score Run)

In 47:25.03 (170983 frames), 7153 rerecords
Uploaded 5/14/2023 6:40 PM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Super Mario Bros. 3 completed with 650 points, saving 10 points in World 8-Fortress over SomeGuy712x's run.
Read my summary here!

#73006903661142842 - [IMPROVED] Summer (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:55.63 (10555 frames), 3561 rerecords
1 comment, 264 downloads
Uploaded 7/23/2021 8:52 PM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Currently obsoleted by Zejoant's run.

Quite a fitting time to upload this, right? Now that Summer has come about... :P

This is an improved TAS of Summer, a cryptic and difficult Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by Mana in 2002.
This hack may not be notable for being complex, but it requires a vast amount of skill and will sometimes force players to use glitches against their will.
My new run beats fella8’s run (which also beat my original run in 2018 by 63 frames) by 5.57 seconds due to, once again, better strategies and improved optimization.
And now... have it here! The IPS patch is here for you to download! :D

#60196879317589760 - SMario+ (SMB1 Hack) “Parallel World”

In 01:16.59 (4603 frames), 535 rerecords
Uploaded 12/24/2019 11:11 PM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Quoting Asumeh (from 2017 lol)
Super Mario Bros. Plus (SMario+ for short) is an insanely hard hack created by U1 in 2002, taking all levels from the original SMB, and putting huge amounts of difficulty on them. This is said to be COMPLETELY impossible to complete without the usage of save-states, slowdowns, etc.
A secret level is apparently available known as World 52-1 (What I'd call in the hack The Shaded World). My run takes advantage of that, completing the hack completely in just over 1 min. 15 sec.! Astonishing!
You can download the IPS patch for this hack here:
Quoting Asumeh (from 2017, again :P)
There is also a run of its easier, but still insanely hard sequel, Super Mario Bros. Minus (SMario- for short), if you're looking for more hard level design action here.
An “8-4%” TAS of this hack can also be seen here.

#59219917467869274 - Super Hammer Bros. 3 “any%”

In 01:06.64 (4005 frames), 223 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2019 11:14 PM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Super Hammer Bros. 3 is a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hack created by Mitch "mitchflowerpower" Fowler.
The first "level" is merely just an unskippable Spade Panel. The player must go through that "level" to continue.
Following after is a group of Hammer Bro battles. Seven, to be exact. All consist of a battlefield made exactly like in World 1's only Hammer Bro battle in the original game and are shuffled up thanks to the first "level" of the game.
Six of their chests contain Jugem's Clouds, while only one of them contains a hammer, required to enter the final "battle" with Bowser and win the game.
My run breaks the system of luck and brainwashes the Hammer Bros to make the least amounts of movement possible for me to pass through. And in under a minute!
Now, behold... the IPS patch I provide to you is yours to keep if you choose to take a gander at the hack yourself.

In case you don't know yet, I'm not too bright with luck manipulation. I'm sure it can be optimized a bit further for a faster time.

#59219369001475980 - Super Frig Bros. 3 “any%”

In 05:11.52 (18722 frames), 1897 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2019 10:39 PM by Αsumeh (see all 34)
Super Frig Bros. 3: Revenge of the Frigs, or simply Super Frig Bros. 3, is a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hack created by Mitch "mitchflowerpower" Fowler, built for his second ROM hack competition. It features 12 levels, along with a special mechanism that allows for Mario's hat and overalls to change colors between appearances (such as entering from a warp, growing/shrinking, etc.).
My TAS, made in May 2018, speeds through the hack in record time, beating Extronic's existing run by 4.6 seconds.
Your chance to join in on the fun in Mitch's competition may be over, but your chance to download the hack's IPS patch certainly won't be! ;)