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#43741669832139165 - PMD Blue Rescue Team - Meowth Quiz Manipulation finished


Uploaded 12/13/2017 9:37 PM by AdituV (5 files)

For Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (DS)

In 00:52.13 (3119 frames), 908 rerecords

5048 views, 917 downloads

Successfully manipulated Meowth with a minimum of time lost on the questions! If all unused categories are possible at any time, then there is a theoretical improvement (perhaps with a different DS clock time?) of roughly 4-8 frames. This took long enough though :P

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#26225779388733190 - Denki Blocks any% v2 (with resets)

Denki Blocks! (USA) (En,Es).bk2

Uploaded 10/17/2015 1:37 AM by AdituV (5 files)

For Game Boy Advance

In 29:47.18 (106744 frames), 131342 rerecords

11744 views, 641 downloads

(AdituV & qqwref)
The exact same run as before, but now with 6871 frames (almost two minutes!) saved by resetting instead of sitting through dialog.

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#26217813250114143 - Denki reset skip tournament introduction


Uploaded 10/16/2015 5:00 PM by AdituV (5 files)

For Game Boy Advance

In 00:25.34 (1514 frames), 35 rerecords

11645 views, 627 downloads

No silly name this time. After hard reset on frame 1093, we regain control on the ranking select screen on frame 1512, for a reset time of ~419 frames, modulo potentially changing which ranking you select.
Reset time is still accurate, but I'm no longer sure which frame is the earliest you can reset on. 1092 is definitely also possible but I'm out of time for now.
Without a hard reset, we gain control at frame 1744, for a saving of 232 frames. It appears that Denki doesn't have an ABSs soft-reset; are there any other soft reset patterns to try?

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#25866052613363326 - Denki Blocks 100% WIP - Stage 1

hai denki desu.bk2

Uploaded 9/30/2015 8:48 PM by AdituV (5 files)

For Game Boy Advance

In 09:26.72 (33849 frames), 131309 rerecords

11750 views, 639 downloads

Up to the end of stage 1 included. Levels not known to be perfect are: 4,7,15,19,24,x4.
Levels almost certainly not perfect are: 16,22

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#25419665607784644 - Denki Blocks WIP - Stage 1 v3

o-denki desu ka.bk2

Uploaded 9/10/2015 6:20 PM by AdituV (5 files)

For Game Boy Advance

In 03:48.85 (13669 frames), 471 rerecords

11790 views, 649 downloads

The best known stage 1 so far. About 1 second saved over the last version through new single-join puzzle solutions.

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