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#52108187865981328 - 2 games 1 controller Undertale+Deltarune (Deltarune section)

In 36:37.60 (65928 frames), 6934 rerecords
Game: Undertale ( Linux, see all files )
3 comments, 626 downloads
Uploaded 12/25/2018 4:33 PM by BenLubar (see all 1)
This is the current TAS truncated to the frame where Deltarune exits.
For instructions on running Deltarune natively on Linux, see u/JohnWatson78's guide on Reddit
I've mirrored the Deltarune installers here:
Note: If your screen resolution is more than 1279 pixels wide and more than 959 pixels tall, Deltarune will start with a multiple of its native resolution.
The current released version of libTAS is unable to override Deltarune's screen resolution. This has been fixed in the latest version of the source code. This TAS will desync if you fast forward in libTAS, so make sure it's running at or below the native 30 FPS.