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#10817621556332921 - PCE Ninja Gaiden "glitched"


Uploaded 11/22/2013 3:45 AM by Bernka (2 files)

For Ninja Gaiden (PCE)

In 01:23.55 (4999 frames), 270 rerecords

7795 views, 1107 downloads

10 frames were saved thanks to t1280136161's new tricks, used crouching jump to reduce Ryu's height and reached the top of walls earlier.

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#9959009245797508 - multiple ninja gaiden in one movie

Ninja gaiden.fm2

Uploaded 10/14/2013 11:43 AM by Bernka (2 files)

For Nintendo Entertainment System

In 00:14.97 (900 frames), 2354 rerecords

11910 views, 878 downloads

Just a wip I did, play all ninja gaiden with one movie, but I have poor experience and technology with this series. Post this let people know its possibility.

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