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#31556311110634778 - GBA The Land Before Time (Collection) Full-Game First Draft

The Land Before Time Game Complete WIP.bk2
In 08:07.70 (29129 frames), 4450 rerecords
Uploaded 6/13/2016 3:06 AM by CardsOfTheHeart (see all 4)
I had meant to upload a world 4 WIP before this, but honestly, there's not much to world 5.
This is my first version that actually completes the game. Input ends really early because the final level is really well-constructed.
There is still work left to be done. Based on what I know as of this upload, there is at least two seconds left to save.

#31088037035594449 - GBA The Land Before Time (Collection) Through World 3 WIP

The Land Before Time World 3 WIP.bk2
In 06:16.02 (22459 frames), 3692 rerecords
Uploaded 5/23/2016 12:58 AM by CardsOfTheHeart (see all 4)
From power on through the end of World 3.
Two major highlights: 1. Glitch-hunter bonecrusher1022 found a way to gain height in a move I am calling a "hover glitch." When you exit the character select menu, your character gets positioned one pixel higher. Going back into the menu immediately afterwards preserves that pixel height gain and gives you another pixel of height. This can be spammed to gain infinite height and make shortcuts through various levels. Only one place proved to save any time: 1-2, precisely the very end of 1-2, enabling a 3 1/2 second time save. I cannot fathom another place where this saves time. 2. The world 3 boss is the biggest attraction in this game. Not only can you get a second hit on the boss when it re-enters the screen, cutting the time of the fight in half on its own, but there is also a death warp you can abuse if you touch the boss to die while it is moving left. The boss will be teleported to the left side of the stage and start the next step in its attack pattern, cutting another 5 seconds every time you do it from the right side of the stage.

#30467202559063194 - GBA The Land Before Time (Collection) Through World 2 WIP

The Land Before Time World 2 WIP.bk2
In 03:51.45 (13824 frames), 1689 rerecords
Uploaded 4/25/2016 1:57 AM by CardsOfTheHeart (see all 4)
From start to the end of world 2, this TAS gets to the first interesting part of the run, the world 2 boss. It's supposed to be an auto-scroller, but it's so easy to break. I still wonder if there's another way to do it...? Cera is sacrificed here to take advantage of a time save in the world 3 boss.

#30381627355888630 - GBA The Land Before Time (Collection) World 1 WIP

The Land Before Time World 1 WIP.bk2
In 02:05.62 (7503 frames), 926 rerecords
Uploaded 4/21/2016 5:27 AM by CardsOfTheHeart (see all 4)
I am a real-time runner of this game preparing to showcase the game at Summer Games Done Quick 2016 by trying to finish my first super-serious TAS.
This movie completes world 1, i.e. before things get really interesting. Since it is my first, it is still probably rough around the edges. The turnaround jumps in 1-2 and the boss fight may need particular attention.