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#64458261546018732 - Eternal Doom - Map 23 UV-Max TAS in 4:57

In 05:10.23 (10859 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/3/2020 9:05 PM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 23 of Eternal III quickly!
- Map 23: Time Gate II
The map features 3 big locations and a big Hub with teleports. You should visit a city block and a lava cave, find 2 keys and use 3 teleports in order to finish the map.
Ammo management wasn't that difficult too. I didn't have to use simple weapons, like SSG and a Chaingun, in order to keep more powerful weapons for later. Two rockets were spent to manipulate high damages and/or infighting.

Lava Cave section !!!

I needed to visit this location twice. Firstly, to find a yellow key. Secondly, to kill the remaining monsters, find a secret and remove the first half of the door to the final secret.
Some triggers were activated later, like the one that lets monsters out of transparent cages in that big room. I didn't expect that much, but that room was rich for infighting.

Hub section

Location placements make monsters walk around in appropriate areas of the Hub, so it wasn't a big deal to look for them and kill on the way to various points.
The front platform with imps deserves particular attention. Jumping from the top of it is required to open a secret hub section with 3 doors. Instead of using a teleport to get on that platform, I blasted rockets in a specific way to make imps' corpses cross that linedef which saved a lot of time. I didn't expect wedding crashers to use the teleport to get there, but it didn't cause much time consumption.
The right platform which requires a red key was difficult. I need to kill monsters quickly to prevent them from crossing the linedefs that would teleport them elsewhere.

City Block section

The first building isn't intended for stayers. The set of linedef actions which lets the room change it's floor (altitude), thereby imitating multi-storey building, can be broken if you cross the linedefs too quickly. If you do that, you'll get a softlock. So I had to slow down a little.
The arms cache with some ammo, berserk and a chainsaw isn't considered as a secret, but it was necessary for me to grab it. The chainsaw slows down the weapon switching if I need fists. I was aware of it from the very beginning, but decided to pick -complevel 2 instead of 9 to follow the rest of Eternal Doom TASes.
I had some time to wait for the Spider Mastermind, but I couldn't find a fast strategy to eliminate the remaining monsters without using the BFG. I could do it better.
Telefraging the Spider would be a great idea, but it would be really hard for me to prevent two Barons of Hell (things 395, 396) from teleporting to him and catch a right moment for telefragging.

Cacodemon limbo arena

This is the most difficult part of the entire map in terms of speedrunning. I'm not sure if I picked the fastest one, but at least it looks well-made.
Possible improvements: 1. I could save some more ammo and avoid ammo problems by the end of the map. For example, I shouldn't have killed those 4 mancubuses (things 284, 285, 286, 297) with a plasma rifle. One BFG shot would be better.
2. Fighting the arch-vile (thing 153), which guards the main switch, could be improved. You can kill it together with a hell knight and a revenant with a single BFG shot and save 3 rockets.
3. My first BFG shot could be improved. For example, to kill 3 arachnotrones and save some rockets.
About 60% of input and most damage manipulations were made in XDRE 2.20.
Time: 4:57.37
Music used: Speed of Doom - Map 7

#64226321367153538 - Doom: Antaresian Reliquary - Map 1 UV-Max

In 00:41.37 (1448 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 6/23/2020 10:24 AM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)

#63404054620389365 - Doom SNES - Nightmare 100% TAS Walkthrough in 56:23

Doom (USA).bk2
In 57:14.34 (206400 frames), 11470 rerecords
Game: Doom ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 5/17/2020 9:39 AM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
I have made a 100% Nightmare TAS that beats the whole game in less than 1 hours. It's a fanmade movie, not the fastest possible and there are some minor mistakes.
Emulator: Bizhawk 2.3.2
ROM name: Doom (USA).sfc
ROM SHA1: 736B9B994F506DE0893CEB181F942739DA089B05

#62362112029546753 - Doom: Maskim Xul - D2All UV-Max TAS

In 09:37.27 (20206 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 3/31/2020 11:28 AM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)

#61804591065188873 - Doom: Rowdy Rudy's Revenge - UV-Max in 11:54

In 12:55.11 (27131 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 3/6/2020 8:53 AM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
IWAD: Doom 2
WAD: Rowdy Rudy's Revenge!
WAD filename: rwdyrudy.wad (+ rwdyrudy.deh)
Category: UV-Max, TAS
Map: D2ALL (10 maps)
Source port: PrBoom+
Complevel: 2
Overall Time: 11:54
Playback command: G:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file rwdyrudy.wad -deh rwdyrudy.deh -playdemo rrrallmx1154.lmp

- Map 1: Hidden Compound
This map is simple like every Map 1. Lots of space to move around and not a big crowd of enemies to kill.
Major part of the map was done frame-by-frame in XDRE and, despite the fact I tried to avoid sharp turns, the demo still looks a little sharp. My spear has 2 damaging tics instead of 1. When two enemies are close to each other, I can kill both of them with a single stick attack. Unfortunately, a sharp turn happens and you usually don't see the corpse of the second enemy.
Monsters' health are changed increasingly. That means I have to do more damage manipulations to kill a specific monster in 1 shot. Here I had to kill a weak chaingunner and a zombieman with a single shotgun shot. That's why I spinned around them before shooting: to deal at least 80 damage.
I planned the only monster infighting during the map: thing 97 should kill thing 99. That was a real pain in the butt! These chaingunners are so cross-eyed they barely hit a target when you need to. I had to replay the blue key section for 5 times to manipulate that monster infighting to my favor. I dropped this TAS a month ago and now I revisited it and finally finished the map!
- Map 2: Arbitrary Base
More massacre for us. My only weapon choice was my stock rifle. Fortunately, I had enough ammo to kill all the monsters on my way. Wish I could have a chaingun to clean the map faster, but shotgun will do.
I'm please with monster infighting here. The battle in the final room was damn good.
- Map 3: The Slime Trail
Another showtime for my spear instead of a non-existent Rocket Launcher that would help me clean the room with red key faster. Three big bastards were killed with a single spear stick. Too bad it's the last time in the speedrun where I get 2x200 damage from a berserk.
- Map 4: The Filter
This time, it's my chaingun. That was a pretty good shootout. The moment with 2 switches on each side of the north room slowed me down much because the chambers with monsters open slowly and I had to spend some time messing around. I could save several seconds if there weren't a rocket zombie and a plasmagun marine left on the top, and one more rocket to clean the room where I found it.
- Map 5: Forgotten Installation
Easy maps are done. Now the real hardcore begins in terms of TASing and perfection! This is the first map that features a Plasma Rifle and it's very frustrating because, despite the fact it's the most powerful long-range weapon here, it requires MUCH hardworking to hit enemies with all the projectiles and manipulate damages. I wish the projectiles would fly faster. I tried using berserk whenever it's faster, but there were not many appropriate cases for it. Anyway, Map 5 took me 4 days to make, which was longer than making Maps 1-4 put together.
- Map 6: Deadly Depression
What a frank name! Well, it doesn't cause depression, but is NOT easy. The super shotgun sucks here! Everybody has more HP i can barely kill more than 1 monster unless they are regular zombies. Berserk fighting caused a lot of sharp turns again. I didn't expect yellow cacodemons to drain my health so quickly, but didn't change my plans.
- Map 7: Smells Like Sulfur
Here, the balance between hardcore and luck has been restored for me. The map was pretty hard on the paper, but it appeared to be much easier on practice. Despite the fact, I left a lot of monsters to mess around until I come back to kill them, they didn't go too far and I killed them all with much time lose. The rocket launcher section is my favourite. A lot of damage manipulation, but I managed to remain within my rocket limit. I'm not pleased with the last room and the left leading to it because the lift linedef was crossed earlier and I had to call the lift once again and spend 3 BFG shots instead of 2. The last revenant should have died quicker, but the aimbot didn't let me deal enough damage to kill him with 2 SSG shots.
- Map 8: Creeping Descent
This map brought me a lot of unexpected moments. Even though there is still plenty of possible improvements, I'm really satisfied with this one. This map was damn difficult to complete exactly as I planned. The cyberdemon with 2 arch-viles was the best one. They tried to cross the linedef as quickly as possible, so let the cyber go. Still, I killed him much quicker because his thing index 404 means he must be not found =)
- Map 9: Hell's Doorstep
The first part of the map until the room with a supercharge and an invulnerability was enjoyable. Finally, it's time spend my rockets. But then, a road of fails came to me. I forgot to kill 2 monsters, so I had to replay 10 secs again and kill him. Then I forgot to take the secret with an invulnerability, so I had to replay all the way from the red door again and take. And guess what? After I reached the exit, I missed a single shotgunner!! F*** that! I'm not gonna redo it one more time!
- Map 10: Satan's Watchful Eye
Once again, I had enough plasma and rockets to deal with monsters. Berserk was useless here. I didn't expect the monsters inside sector 92 to teleport to the outside of the castle early. Somehow they managed to get alerted. Fortunately, I managed to kill them without any time lose. The room with the Icon of Sin was a real disappointment for me because I didn't manage to make any zero-presses and wasted a half of a day on brute-forcing various positions.
The WAD is finally over! 3 weeks spent. About 80% of input was made in XDRE.

Despite the fact that TASing is a hobby about perfection, this kind of movies makes you either spend a piece of your live to reach it or sometimes get rid of it and do the best as you can within a certain amount of time and proceed. People always have something to say, so don't be a painter who can be offended by everybody.
I wanted to drop making this TAS for multiple times because there were plenty of situations where it's just impossible to solve them exactly as planned. I had to deal with various time loses due to unexpected monsters' actions, bad damages, lack of ammo/health, terrible accuracy and wavy routes.
Such phrases like, "F*** it! That'll do. Let's move finally on!" saved the lack of my patience. Maybe that's why you're watching the movie and reading this text.

#59217185119935877 - Doom: Struggle AL - Map 1 UV-Max TAS

In 01:19.48 (2782 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2019 8:17 PM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)

#59032507056145979 - Doom: Struggle - Map 33 UV-Max TAS

In 01:20.02 (2801 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 11/2/2019 12:41 PM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)

#58251241262087653 - Eternal Doom - Map 16 UV-Max TAS in 3:06

In 03:20.01 (7001 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 9/28/2019 8:15 AM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
WAD: Eternal III Filename: ETERNALL.wad Tags: UV-Max, TAS Walkthrough: Map 16 - Guardstation Source port: PrBoom+ Playback command*: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et16x306.lmp
This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 16 very quickly. It was recorded in PrBoom+, but most damage manipulations and difficult sections were made in XDRE 2.20.
  • - To playback the demo, you should make a shortcut of glboom-plus.exe and paste the commands in the Target field at the end of
your glboom-plus route. So concerns prboom-plus.exe if you wish it to playback a demo.

Despite the fact this map is placed in the middle of Episode 3, it was designed as the 1st map of it when Eternal Doom II came out. Afterwards, when Eternal III came out, the map was moved to the middle of Episode 3. You can consider it as a relaxing map because it's much easier than Map 15. Therefore, all you have here are shotguns and chainguns with appropriate crowds of monsters to kill with.
At the beginning, my first goal was to kill a chaingunner (thing 75) and acquire a chaingun for more effecient monster devestation before finding a berserk kit. When I played the map for the first time, I didn't know that linedef 1124 is activatable, so I was just messing around with no clue what to do.
Because of poor manipulations in the huge room with metal fences, I didn't manage to make monsters infight. The Baron (thing 103) wasn't attacking anybody. Trapped revenant (thing 198) was another problem because it's almost impossible to punch him through the fence, so I had to shoot him. Also I should have shooted his neighbour (thing 197) as well instead of running all over to him and punching. That would save 2 secs, I guess.
The rest of run is self-explanatory. Had to do plenty of manipulations with Baron of Hell (thing 235) in the small room with a lift. Also I found nothing better than shooting a Hell Knight (thing 294) on the top of a box. Too bad you can't punch him out.
Most monsters are made to ambush players. If they were not deaf, I would definitely kill them faster.
Overall time: 3:06 (186.09)

#57151121414523724 - Eternal Doom - Map 3 UV-Max TAS in 5:11

In 05:25.83 (11405 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 8/9/2019 7:11 PM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
WAD: Eternal III
Filename: ETERNALL.wad
Walkthrough: Map 3 - Inter-Base
Source port: PrBoom+
Playback command: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -complevel 2 -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et03x511.lmp
This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 3 as fast as possible. It was recorded in PrBoom+, but most damage manipulations and difficult sections were made in XDRE 2.20

The first map in Eternal Doom which I would classify as a hard map. It has long route, complex sections and a small weapon variety. I was arguing about the lack of Chaingun/Rocket Launcher during my TAS of Map 2. So now I regret I wasn't given a BFG! Even a single shot would be nice =)
This TAS comes as an improvement of Andy Olivera's TAS (in 9:33) by over 4 minutes! When I watched it, I found it decent because it looks like an OK TAS, but, since it was his final demo before he had moved from TASDOOM to XDRE, there are plenty of slow sections.
At the very beginning, instead of run rushing to the Rocket Launcher in the west side and fighting 2 Barons of Hell, I activated linedefs that trigger zombies to teleport close to me and ran to the door in the south-east. With some minor manipulations, I made both Cacodemons (things 12, 13) to fight with other monsters. In a while, so was made with a Baron of Hell (thing 78) and a Mancubus (thing 47).
Then I got the Rocket Launcher (RL) and teleported to the backstage of the pool room. The rest of the route is similar though I cleaned two chambers (guarded by things 381, 382 and 369, 370) as a last resort, when all the southern part of the map was devestated.
The room with 6 Heavy Weapon Dudes (HWD) and a megaspeare was completely done in XDRE to prevent myself from misfiring.
The room with 2 Arachnotrons where you lift down the red key could be improved. HWDs in the hidden room attacked each other in my test run that would save some time, but fortunately they teleported to me while I was killing everyone in the room with the red key.
I skipped linedef 974 to perform additional wallrunning trick in Red Skull's section, but I didn't manage to kill all 3 imps (things 347, 348, 349) because one of them runs to the teleport as soon as I get close to him.
The Blue Skull's section was done with RL instead of SSG to save some more time.
Cyberdemon's section is slow in my opinion. I was planning to make all Barons of Hell attack the Cyberdemon. As soon as he killed the offender, he moved to me though there were 2 more Barons attacking him. That section was also made in XDRE to deal high damage from every rocket. I was really annoyed when my rocket dealt 20 damage to Cyberdemon because he doesn't receive rocket splash damage (almost).
I decided to kill myself at the end. However, I saved only 3 tics of doing so. Maybe it was better to stay alive and make a Hollywood-style final when the Main Hero ends up being barely alive after a huge trouble, wasn't it? If someone was wondering about hero's face when he dies - here you can see it. It looks repulsive.
Overall time: 5:11 (311.14)

Possible improvements 
1. Kill a Hell Knight (thing 305) quicker. When I was fighting him, I got SO BAD RNG that I switched to SSG and shot him.
2. Make HWDs (things 340-343) to infight.
3. Make Cyberdemon fight more Barons of Hell.
4. Kill Baron of Hell (thing 354) faster. I spend 7 rockets on him because of extemely long range. I had to come closer.

#56973179599646498 - Eternal Doom - Map 2 UV-Max TAS in 3:44

In 03:56.35 (8273 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 8/1/2019 6:52 PM by Dimon12321 (see all 67)
WAD: Eternal III
Filename: ETERNALL.wad
Tags: UV-Max, TAS
Walkthrough: Map 2 - Tower of Hell
Source port: XDRE 2.20 (PrBoom+
Playback command: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad tnt.wad -complevel 4 -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et02x344.lmp
This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 2 as fast as possible. It was made frame-by-frame in XDRE 2, and less than 5 seconds were made in PrBoom+ (only last 2 Barons of Hell).

I'm very proud of my work because I spent a week on making it. It was made on my sluggish laptop that couldn't play PrBoom+ with a decent framerate, so XDRE 2 was my only option.
The map itself is simple and has linear route without any major branches. Too bad it doesn't provide a Chaingun and/or a Rocket Launcher, making some sections pretty slow as I had to do everything with super shotgun (SSG).
After grabbing the blue keycard, I let a Hell Knight hurt an imp spinning at the edge of visible stairts. I hoped he would tear the Knight a little, but it was useless at all. Also, I skipped a zombieman nearby and forgot about him.
The first part of the underground section, where I had to kill all monsters around the red keycard, was slow in my opinion. I didn't manage to provoke a decent infight. Cacodemons could kill more monsters. I tried different strategies and remade more than 15 secs again and I had saved 0,5 secs after all that trouble. I'm still not satisfied with it, but here I can claim I couldn't do better.
The warehouse with the lowering boxes in the upper-left hand corner was done perfect. I could have activated those boxes 10 tics faster, but then I would fail killing all the monsters without major time lose because they would spread up, so I kept the first attempt where I kill all the monsters in just 3 SSG blasts.
When I got to the southern pit section, Lady Lake had smiled to me and I got 4 monsters infighting. The Cacodemons from the northern pit flew over the bridge and joint the crowd down here. All monsters died quickly, but it need some refinement: to make a revenant fight someone else.
Two further sections are self-explanatory.
The most northern room, that has 2 chambers with Hell Knights, needs some improvement. Both Hell Knights, that doesn't have teleporting linedefs in front of them, didn't go towards exits and stayed inside walking around. I had to wait for them to approach me before running away.
The rest of the run is self-explanatory. Also I had to remade a section with Cacodemos and Hell knights walking on an invisible floor because of some fails and bad RNG.
Overall time: 3:44 (224.86)
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