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#43702426910398285 - GC Pikmin 2 - Pay Off Debt WIP 3

Enter HoB.dtm

Uploaded 12/12/2017 3:12 AM by EeveeSRL (3 files)

For Nintendo GameCube

In 17:11.70 (185524 frames), 2068 rerecords

10474 views, 619 downloads

This is going to be the last of what I do for this TAS (alone, at least. If other people collab then it might help motivation).
It ends at entering Hole of Beasts, about 18-19 minutes into a normal run. (The RNG for the layout in Hole of Beasts 1 is already manipulated).

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#40284442873303371 - Pikmin 2 - Pay Off Debt WIP 2


Uploaded 7/11/2017 4:53 AM by EeveeSRL (3 files)

For Nintendo GameCube

In 14:05.85 (152104 frames), 1847 rerecords

10652 views, 642 downloads

I finally got the motivation to continue this thing.
One thing - on EC2, I could have done throws to make getting the purples back to the globe a bit faster, but attempting them killed my motivation, so I opted to continue without them.
Next WIP will be after WFG.

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#39459369001965268 - GC Pikmin 2 - Pay Off Debt WIP1


Uploaded 6/4/2017 1:06 AM by EeveeSRL (3 files)

For Nintendo GameCube

In 03:33.36 (38371 frames), 377 rerecords

10822 views, 660 downloads

Days 1 and 2 of the Pay Off Debt category.
I use the Day 1 Extinction glitch, found by Japanese runner HSS0136, to skip the slow tutorial day. This causes some funky stuff to happen with cutscenes on the next few days while I raise 15 Pikmin to crush the paper bag trapping me in the landing site. The paper bag doesn't get crushed until Day 4, which this WIP doesn't get to.
The next WIP I plan to post will contain Days 1 to 5, ending on the completion of Emergence Cave.

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