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#41208786175139050 - (GCN) Mortal Kombat: Deception - Kobra

In 13:23.68 (1781741 frames), 3651 rerecords
5759 views, 1096 downloads
Uploaded 8/21/2017 7:57 PM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
After getting hit by a rootkit which corrupted my TimeSplitters movies I had been working on, I knew I had to get SOMETHING published after reinstalling Windows (again). So here's a run of the Arcade ladder on Hardest difficulty in a terrible MK game!

#38486275461252907 - JoJo's Bizarre WIP

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (USA).bk2
In 05:26.26 (19345 frames), 1275 rerecords
11998 views, 544 downloads
Uploaded 4/21/2017 5:20 AM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)

#38304900525095358 - Road Rash 3 - UK Level 1 - Black Bike secret code in 1:40

Road Rash 3 (UE) [!].bk2
In 02:14.82 (8079 frames), 135 rerecords
Game: Road Rash 3 (Genesis)
11905 views, 557 downloads
Uploaded 4/13/2017 1:18 AM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
Quick TAS to get back into the swing of things. Shows off how broken the physics in this game is and how to exploit it for shortcuts.

#34269713938216837 - Killer Instinct Gold - Jago

Killer Instinct Gold (USA).bk2
In 08:04.50 (29070 frames), 3192 rerecords
Game: Killer Instinct Gold (N64)
12793 views, 734 downloads
Uploaded 10/13/2016 7:53 AM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
Getting hang of the ropes for KI GOld before a playaround. Uses a cheat to use the highest speed/difficulty.

#34173474564380428 - Jago takes speed mixed with meth

Killer Instinct Gold (USA).bk2
In 01:35.11 (5707 frames), 582 rerecords
Game: Killer Instinct Gold (N64)
12349 views, 554 downloads
Uploaded 10/8/2016 11:51 PM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)

#33242301617559822 - Hitman 2: 47 is now slightly quicker

In 03:48.08 (41018 frames), 1644 rerecords
12565 views, 756 downloads
Uploaded 8/28/2016 1:24 AM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
After tons of retries, I managed to get Anathem as fast as possible, at least on PRO playing on GCN. I actually go so fast during the middle of the level that the RTA strat barely works and requires me to wait for a few frames for the lawyer to arrive in the correct spot, so I can get a key. If I rush out any faster, I'll have to run to his corpse, which wastes time. This is still a few seconds slower than the RTA due to the fact that RTA plays on Normal, so he gets access to a silenced pistol, instead of needing to kill the first guard with the fiber wire.
Also, I saved 87 frames on the tutorial thanks to a trick pointed out to me by Cooljay.

#33041043673713720 - PunchGuy 2: Noisy Killer wip 2

In 08:05.31 (87272 frames), 698 rerecords
12632 views, 777 downloads
Uploaded 8/18/2016 11:52 PM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
Has some speed issues with the steps on Petersburg, I need to redo it to get a more optimal time. Also, not going for the AK.
The Kirov meeting is actually a few seconds faster than WR, even with the time wasted on the pickups, so that turned out well.

#32972125558651113 - KillerDude 2: Loud Murderer WIP 1

In 03:26.23 (37089 frames), 463 rerecords
12614 views, 756 downloads
Uploaded 8/15/2016 9:23 PM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
Agent 47 hates everyone. Except for this one priest dude. Everyone else can suck it.
This is Any% since the Silent Running bug isn't present in the GCN version due to control mapping. Therefore, Pro/Silent Assassain would be super slow and a chore to both TAS and watch. Any% Pro is much faster paced and has more AI manipulation.
Tutorial - It's an autoscroller. Nothing to say here.
Anathem - The RTA WR uses NG+, giving you a silenced 9mm to kill the first guard with instead of having to choke him out. This wastes 3 seconds, but otherwise it stays in line at WR pace.

#32891071300990792 - Def Jam - Fight for New York (Hard)

In 1:46:29.58 (1148987 frames), 5199 rerecords
12787 views, 784 downloads
Uploaded 8/12/2016 5:47 AM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
A TAS meant to showcase both speed and fun, this thing is basically a feature length film. This doesn't showcase the secret fights or the superbosses, since the game doesn't sync well with saves, and saving is required.
Fighters featured: - Suspect - Jimmy T! - Buff Riku - Johnny Bravo - Senator Armstrong - Neckbeard - Yamazaki

#32523043500569490 - GUN WIP 3

In 11:42.55 (126342 frames), 1222 rerecords
Game: Gun (GC)
12680 views, 763 downloads
Uploaded 7/26/2016 4:00 PM by Lars_Hendrick (47 files)
After FOUR more desyncs, Cole and Ned complete the boat. Except for Ned. He dies. We also meet Tom. He dies too.
The boat is on a timer that you cannot speed up. You HAVE to wait for both sides of the boat to explode to proceed.
The wolf sections may seem slightly sloppy during Tom's missions, but the whole thing is on a timer that you can't speed up, so regardless of what I do, it'll always take the same amount of time.